Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Computer is Kaput!

Just a quick post from work.  Our computer after struggling along for a couple weeks is finally kaput!  I will be computer shopping this weekend and hope to get pics from Christmas up!



Thursday, December 02, 2010

Our Christmas Trees!

How I love Christmas trees!  I remember when I was little, I loved to lay under the tree and look up through it at the lights.  Especially when we had the aluminum tree with the color wheel! 

Yngwie and his friends came over and put up our tree in the living room.  Our ceilings are tall so several years ago we found this 14' tree at an after Christmas sale!  It is quite a bear to put up, but 4 strong college men can get it up in no time and their pretty girlfriends can do a great job decorating!  I made Chili beans with all the toppings and some desserts and we had a wonderful tree decorating party!
This little Elf/Pixie tree is in my kitchen and I must say it is my favorite tree this year!  I love the face of the little elves on it and it makes working in the kitchen even more pleasant.  This past weekend I created a little scene with vintage toys under it but have yet to take a photo.  I'll put that on my ginormus list of things I need to do!

I am in the process of completing a few more handmade Christmas projects and will get them posted soon.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!