Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bunnies and more Bunnies

Good Morning Everyone!

Thanks for your kind comments! It is so exciting to see that someone actually read your blog.

As promised here are my pictures of my "Wee Bunnies" The yellow one has wonky ears and I was getting ready to rip them out and redo when "Yngwie" (DS age 15) came by and said "Hey I like the yellow one best, he has cool ears" I told him I was going to redo the ears and he says" Don't! everybunny isn't perfect" and then went giggling away pleased with his joke. So I left them.

They are sitting in blue and white china bowls I got at the Rescue Mission thrift shop. The post cards are adorable. I got those at a local antique store. They are from 1915 and 1917. I love the writing on the back. Instead of a city, she just wrote "local" how cool is that.

These bunnies are going to live with my Grandmother and Sister, They are all packaged up and ready for Easter.

The next photo is for Bitter Betty who asked me to post a photo of a blouse I made from a vintage pattern. I forgot to check the pattern number before I started my blog so I will have to get back to you on that!

The fabric was thrifted from the Rescue Mission as well. 2 1/2 yards for $1.00. It is a very thin cotton with green and orange follage and little orange deer. I thought it was so cute! I still have to hem the sleeves and bottom.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Oh and Lindat, I got the cake stand at TJ Max for a whopping $9.99 they had two different sizes, one a little bigger than this, I think I may go back and get it.

And Rebecca, yes! The frogs are peepers! I get so excited when they return each year. The windows are flung open so I can hear them. Such a welcome sound of springs arrival.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Great Week-end!

What a beautiful week-end this was! The weather could not have been better. Just a taste of May in March. I made some cupcakes this weekend for my son and his friends. They were so good and pretty I almost didn't want to eat them!

I worked out in my yard some Saturday and planted some pansies. They are one of my most favorite flowers because they have such beautiful colors. I love the purple the most. (Even though it looks kind of blue in this pic).

I also spread some new mulch around my pond. The spring residents of the pond have moved in and are making quite a noise with their annual mating calls. I counted 15 frogs in my small pond Saturday night. I sat out on my porch for a good hours sipping my coffee and listening to the sounds of the frogs. I am always so thrilled to hear them in the spring, it can lull me to sleep in a minute.

I also made a couple of "Wee Bunnies" from the pattern at the "Wee Wonderfuls" website. I am putting them in my grandmothers and sister's Easter Baskets. I made each of them a necklace with some broken beads that my grandmother gave me. I hope to get a picture of them tonight and I will post them tomorrow.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I made this purse this week. All in all it turned out pretty good. I will get a picture of mine ASAP. The only trouble I have with it was that it was so hard to turn. I use a pretty stiff interfacing so I know it will be somewhat hard, but I guess I didn't leave a large enough hole. I really like the hat, but haven't made it yet. I still have to make my neice a purse and dog like I made my sister, for her birthday and my twin nephews have requested the same dog made out of camoflage.

I had planned to make some shorts this week-end but I was at a thrift store today and they had their shorts on sale for $1.00! I bought 5 pair, two of them were Lands End, two were Levi's and one Jones of NY. Looked like they had never been worn. I love a great deal!

This week-end I plan to attend a workshop on open hearth cookery. It is part of a "Could You have survived" series at a historical park in our area. I am really looking forward to that!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ready for the weekend!

This has been such a busy week. DH finally finished the stain glass door on our cabinets and it has been installed and looks great.

I am hosting our book blub meeting tonight! Our book for discussion is "The Tipping Point" It is a non-fiction book about what makes a product or fad "tip" for example, what made Sesame Street a great and lasting TV show as opposed to other childrens shows that didn't make it. It was very interesting but redundant. Our next book is "Fair and Tender Ladies" by Lee Smith. I have already read this book and it is fantastic! I highly reccomend this book.

Our weather has turned cold and rainy so I probably will stay indoors most of the week-end. Maybe I will get some sewing done.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Morning!! I have been a little under the weather, but feel much better today. I am so ready for the weekend. "Yngwie" our Dear Son who is 15 years old (Yngwie is our nickname for him because he loves Yngwie Malmsteens music), has an Odyssey of the Mind competition tomorrow, we both will be glad when this is over.

I thought I would give you a glimpse of a corner of my home. My husband made the bookcase several years ago. The top shelf holds some of my green depression glass and some jadeite that belonged to my great aunt. The next shelf down is my great grandmother water pitcher, some more Jadite, and an authentic 1889 White House Cookbook. The third shelf is more jadetite, a set of Ken-L-Ration dog & cat salt and pepper shakers, and the plate is the one my great grandmoter always ate from and I love Mr. Peanut collectibles. Bottom shelf is some Longaberger baskets with some recipe booklets from the early 1920's and a home-ec book from the 1940's.

Weather is supposed to be good through Saturday so I am getting some more onions in the ground and some pansies planted tomorrow. Hope you all have a great week-end.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bunnies and Cookies

Good Morning!
This week end was pretty busy, but I was able to get some crafting done. I made the above "Bunny Garland" using a free pattern I picked up at Hancock's. I used blue and white toile so they would match my kitchen. It was a fun and quick project!
I Love Easter! I love that it comes in spring, I love the pretty pastel colors of Easter candy, I love lillies, the Easter Bunny, the words "new Easter dress", just everything about it in general! I guess that is what prompted me to make the Easter M & M cookies in the top picture. These are so good!
And one of the most exciting parts of this weekend was that my DH tilled the garden for me! This is a huge deal because he hates to garden! But he did it and now it's all ready for planting.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Thinking about "trash"

On my way to work this morning, I started noticing what people had sitting by the curb for the trash collectors to pick up. Let me state that I drive through one of the most impoverished parts of town. There were piles of clothing, broken furniture, toys, shoes, etc... and it made me start thinking.

My great uncle who was born in 1911, was the youngest of 14 children. His father died when he was 5. To say they were poor would be an understatement. They took turns going to school in the winter because they would share shoes, there were only 3 pair. He remembers many mornings waking up and shaking the snow off his covers. He only went to school until he was in the third grade when he took a job at a saw mill. Clothes were taken up, let out, done over until they were just rags. They ate whatever they grew or killed, and then they ate in shifts because there was not enough plates or utensils to go around.

I said all of that to say this, if his family were to find all the stuff that people throw out now they would have thought they had become millionaires. We have become such a throw away society. No one fixes anything anymore. No one does over clothing so that it is wearable again. I really don't know where I am going with this post. I am as guilty as anyone for not making do with what I have and throwing away items that can be fixed. I guess I was just thinking about what a difference the word "poor" has become over the last few decades.

Just a random thought for a Friday!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring Fever

I am so glad that February is over. I shouldn't be wishing my life away, but I really do not like winter.

Day before yesterday I noticed a sign at the seed store that said they had onions and peas. I was elated! Yay! That means planting season! So yesterday I stopped in and got some red onions. I wanted Georgia Sweet too, but they won't be in until next week. I went home after work and pulled out my old faithful Honda mini tiller, put in some gas and oil and fired her up! She is so reliable, always starts for me, but my husband has a hard time getting her started. LOL I tilled just enough room to plant about 30 red onions. It felt so good to get my hands dirty again. The smell of freshly turned earth is on my top ten list of favorite smells.

The top picture is the purse and stuffed dog that I made for my sister for her birthday. I felt a little silly about giving her the dog, she was 41 years old after all, but she says it was her favorite gift and it rides around with her in her car. Now my niece wants the exact same thing for her birthday and I am glad because both were fun to make!
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I am just a beginner, so bear with me while I figure blogland out!