Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take a walk through the gardens!

I'm back!!!!! We have been so busy! And, blogger wasn't liking me. It kept putting a date of June 9th on my post I tried to publish Friday and of course it went way down on the blog, so I deleted it. So here it is again.

My marigolds are looking so pretty. I love marigolds. They always do great and will last the entire summer as long as you deadhead them.

These black hollyhocks are really pretty, but they are like mint, if you will let them, they will take over. I had forgotten that I had planted this mauve colored lilly so it was a surprise when it bloomed!

The plant on the left is a new one for this year. It is a perennial called "Love in a Mist". I think it is a very fitting name. Purple cone flowers are one of my favorites.

I am a little disappointed with my dahlias. They are a very pretty color, but no where near as large a bloom as advertised. Since my favorite color is purple, I love the bloom of this deep purple butterfly bush.

The deep pink of the dianthus is so pretty and the pink glads are one of my favorites as well.

Nikko Blue hydrangeas are such a impressive large bloom! Here is the little walkway beside the pool house. I added some geraniums and verbenas in pots for this area.

Now let's walk over to the vegetable garden and see what is growing in there.

Cucumbers are my very favorite. I plant lots of these! The yellow summer squash is very prolific as well. I have frozen several quarts of this variety called "Butter stick".
But this is my grand prize! A red tomato before the 4th of July! I actually picked it this morning and it is residing in my macaroni salad as we speak! So how is your garden growing?



CrazyBunnyLady said...

Wow. That's great. I can't keep anything alive. You have a beautiful garden.

Lovella said...

Isn't it frustrating when blogger gets peculiar about its relationshipe with us? I feel for you.
Ah .. see you have some spam visiting today as well .. .how nice of them to drop by .. at least it looks like spam. . I won't click and check.
Anyhows. . .oh your garden is doing wonderful .. oh the the veggies. . how fantastic. . you'll have a salad fresh from your own garden for the 4th.

Andrea said...

Very nice. Marigolds are very easy to grow where I live so that is my favorite to plant. Glad to see you back.

Primgal55 said...

Welcome back! Love the flower pictures - those blue Love In Mist are gorgeous as is everything else.

hugs, Linda

Libby said...

Your garden is looking good. For the time being I have given up on cucumber - 4 plants have been devoured faster than I can turn around. Tons of tomatoes, but none will be ripe by this week. Enjoy*s*

Mam said...

Beautiful, Linda. I'm so happy for you that your garden is so prolific. red tomato before the fourth of July? why you little stinker!

Linda said...

What pretty flowers! A lovely garden.