Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Photos and I have the Greatest Son on Earth!

Sorry to be such a neglectful blogger, but we have been so busy, I really haven't taken the time to post.

Last weekend we took a long drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was so pretty! These photos certainly don't do justice to the view. Like my husband said, you just have to keep the view in your mind, not on a piece of paper.
See that handsome young man? He is the most awsome son on the planet. I had a really hard week last week both at work and with problems with a family member. When I got home Friday evening this was on the counter:
Yngwie had gone out to Target afterschool on Friday and bought all this stuff for me! There is a Kelli doll, a Pez, and a pumpkin bucket full of Hershey Kisses and Skittles. How thoughtful is that??? He is such a sweetie! Next week he will turn 17 years old. Time flies whether you are having fun or not!
Yesterday I drove into a neighboring town and stopped at a combination Craft/Antiques/Home Furnishing store and spent a wonderful hour browsing around. I bought these two cookbooks. Recipes for Easy Entertaining is from 1972 and the Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book is from 1956. I love the pictures in these books. Sometimes I think I buy them more for the photos than the recipes!

Hope everyone has a great day!



Susie said...

You do have such beautiful fall colors in your area Linda!
Your son truly does sound very thoughtful and considerate to have put together such a sweet surprise for you..

glorv1 said...

Having a thoughtful and caring son is one of the best things in the world, or daughter for that matter. You are very lucky for that and the beautiful fall colors. Have a great week.

Linda said...

What a sweet son!! How thoughtful.

Oh Linda those books bring back memories! I remember the photo of all the coookies laid out. My mom would make that many from the Betty Crcoker cookie book!

PEA said...

You do indeed have a wonderful son, he's caring and thoughtful like his mom:-) Love all the goodies he got for you, it's no wonder you were so touched!!

I love old cookbooks like that as well, great finds! Like you, I sometimes think I buy a lot of those books/magazines for the pictures! lol

Beautiful Fall colours in your area. Our trees are mostly bare now so all the colours are gone...sigh. xoxo

Jeanne said...

Linda, I agree your son is a sweetie. When I think of your son I think of him eating plum preserves by the spoon full. That makes me smile!
He is very thoughtful and loves his mom. Love your photos and the Blue ridge Pky. is a great drive.

The cookbooks are very nice and the pics are great. I love vintage stores. Thanks for your visit Linda.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Linda, you have a wonderful son. It speaks volumes as to the kind of mother who raised him! Twyla

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...


Your fall colors are beautiful, the whole hillside is full and varied. Love it!! What a sweet surprise from your son, what a nice young man. :))
Your cookbook finds look so familiar, I'm sure my mom had those. What a fun find.. thanks for sharing.

Kelli said...

That is so sweet, Linda! You are blessed!

Arlene Grimm said...

What a sweet young man!

Cathi said...

What a wonderful thing for DS to do for his mom. Isn't is great when you get to sit back and say, "Yes, I raised him right"?

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Mountain Mama said...

You do have a precious son. I can't imagine any 17year old doing something so sweet.
You are blessed. And I pray the Lord will bless your son for being so thoughtful.

Mam said...

What a precious boy!!!!!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I love those old cookbooks, too. I have quite a few of them. They're so cheap and always fun to look at and cook from.