Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"NOS" and stuff

Good Morning, I have been a bad blogger lately but we have been so busy!

Last week while I was at the thrift store I bought a 1973 Avon craft kit for .50. So this past weekend I decided to put it together. The pattern had the fabric with the pattern already imprinted so all you had to do was sew it up, cut it out, and stuff and embellish. It turned out really cute.

His name is "Nos". The reason behind the silly name is when I told my son he was made from all vintage 1973 parts, he said (being a car guy) "Oh he's nos" I said "What?", he said "You know, Nos, new old stock". So that's the story behind his name. I will confess I felt a tiny bit guilty about cutting up and making a mint, in the box, vintage pattern, but I got over it. And I did have the good sense (for a change) to cut a paper pattern of all the parts before I put it together so that I can make another one sometime.

I have also been doing some growing!

Here are my tomato seedlings! I am so glad they came up well. I saved my yogurt cups to start them in. I have heirloom Brandywine, Big Boy, and Beefsteak. I also have some peppers that are just beginning to come up too. It really gets me anxious for spring!

Hope everyone has a great day!



Cathi said...

I am so ready for get my hands come into the house exhausted and yell, "Has anyone thought about dinner yet? Let's order pizza!"

Libby said...

Beefsteak tomatoes - I plant them every year to honor my husband's grandfather . . . . hist favorite *s* I'm putting in some lettuce seeds today.

Bovey Belle said...

Better Nos was made up than forever being in the bag. I have some tomato seeds to sow too - that had better be No. 1 job today - I must clear a few windowsills . . .

Mountain Mama said...

Nos is a really cute little critter. Doesn't it maske you feel good when you can accomplish something like that? Just think, that little mouse was in pieces and stuffed in that bag all those years and you came along and gave him a life! hee-hee.

I am hoping to have a good garden this year but need more compost to accomplish that.
I have been learning about Lasagna gardens and think I will give one a try.

I am interested in the Brandywine tomatoes. Have you grown them before?

Jess said...

Just stopping by to send my love... I have been so busy as well..

Hope you have a great week

Love, Jess