Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Show and Tell

Happy Friday everyone. Kelli at hosts Show and Tell each Friday so click over there to join the fun.

My show and tell this Friday is one that I have been meaning to show for a couple of weeks and just never got around to it.
A month of so ago I went to and estate sales and it looked like whomever lived in the house got up one day in 1960 went out and never came back. There were 1950's clothes hanging in the closet, all the furniture was from the 1950's, all the dishes, etc..
When I went up into the attic there was a box full of fabric, all from the 1950's. I went and asked the price and she said I could have the whole box for $20.00. That seemed a little high to me but after thinking it over I decided to go ahead and get it. I am so glad I did. There were 52 different pieces of fabric, all 2 yards to 8 yards and it was it perfect shape!

So here is the skirt I made, using some of my 1950's fabric. I have to tell you this is my favorite skirt right now. I have worn it once a week since I made it Easter week.
Isn't this the cutest fabric? I love the colors and the little dutch people make me happy everytime I look at them.
Of course if you are using vintage fabric, you must use a vintage pattern, so I used this one. I didn't like the pocket idea as I'm big enough without adding inches to my hips with the pockets. I have no idea what year it is, but it looked kinda like 1950's to me. It is certainly well worn and for a good reason. This skirt pattern rocks! Easy to understand and put together and the results are fabulous!

Voila! My new favorite skirt!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Cindy said...

Love it. I have an aunt who every so often gives me a box of fabric. Feels like Christmas. Great skirt!

Cathi said...

What a find! I was offered all my granny's fabrics and patterns when she died but all the fabric was polyester. And for the patterns?...well, granny was....hefty....and I am not so I couldn't use them. I did take her big collection of buttons, though.

By the way, I can't respond to any of your comments that you post on my blog 'cause you are a no-reply blogger. Can you send your email addy to me? If you don't want to give it out, that's fine.

Smilingsal said...

It's much nicer without the pockets.

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like my parents house,only the vintage stuff was stored in one of the outbuildings. I love the skirt. I need a good skirt pattern for everyday that is simple and easy.
Mama Bear

nancy said...

Oh, Linda! You and your estate sales make me so jealous. The skirt is great! What a haul.

Julie said...

What a great find! The skirt turned out great! Your a really good seamstress! Have a Blessed Friday...Julie

Mrs.T said...

Very cute! I am pretty sure I have seen that fabric before in some of my stash... or a very similar one. I ended up with quite a bit of fabric from my grandmother and great-aunt.

What a nice job you did on the skirt, too!

Thanks for stopping by to see my cards, too. Stop in anytime.

God bless,
Mrs. T

Leann said...

Too cute! I love the PA Dutch feel to the fabric. Enjoy!

Dianne said...

What an awesome bargain!
Your skirt looks fab too.
My brother loves that 50s stuff with the space motifs.

Elena said...

How cool that find all that fabric. Your skirt looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Zaroga said...

It is a beautiful skirt!

Barb said...

Love that style of skirt.
Nice find too. $20 sounds like a lot, till you said how much you got, and big pieces!!

blessings, and thanks for coming by.

Barbara jean

PS Just to let you know: that is the mantle at my store, the one at home is just plain empty!!!

Leann said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and for the great comment! I can't believe you knew Erin's son!! That's too funny.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!