Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Welcome September!

While I have had a wonderful summer, I am so ready for fall! I love what I call "sweatshirt/shorts" weather. Not cold, but nippy enough to need the sweatshirt. Of course here in VA the really nippy, cool weather doesn't arrive until sometime in October, some of the September nights are cool enough to pull a blanket up on your bed.

I got the most wonderful mail yesterday from my Secret Sista, who calls herself Mary Jane Sugarpie.
In my package was the tea that was inserted into that cute little teacup card that says "relax", 3 beautiful fall colored dish cloths, and that adorable bird spreader! I have the best secret sista in the world! So last night I made my self some tea in one of my favorite teacups that I only use for very special occasions.
It is called Bramby Hedge and my grandmother bought me the teacup and saucer and a luncheon size plate many years ago. Then I fixed some cream cheese crackers with my homemade jalapeno pepper jelly, got me one of my vintage "Good Old Days" magazines and flopped down in my lazy boy chair and read. Friends, that is my idea of a perfect ending to the day!
Oh, I almost forgot! I finished my Candy Corn mouse last night! I got the pattern for him out of the newest Better Homes and Gardens Holiday magazine. If you don't have it, run to the book store or grocery store and get it! It is full of the cutest crafts for Halloween through Christmas. I do need to do some touch up on the paint. His candy corn was still a little wet when I took this picture.
And by the way, the beautiful woman in the first photo is my late grandmother. It was taken on her farm in Giles County, VA.
Have a great day!


Arlene Grimm said...

Loved your post Linda...that candy corn mouse is just precious. I will not tell you that I am coveting that tea cup!!lol!! It is lovely.

Amy said...

Nice post.. great pictures! I too am making a mouse! I got my patterns from the same magazine.. I'm working on the mouse holding the candle with the stocking cap. I LOVE that issue, there are so many great projects in there. Happy sewing! Amy

Gretchen said...

I just LOVE your little mousie! I saw that magazine in the store and didn't get it, but I definitely will with this paycheck!!!! SO cute!

Queenie said...

Good Morning!
You are so lucky to be having some nice fall weather...I would love to live in VA...It's beautiful! (and so is your grandmother, those are such sweet pictures). I love that little teacup and how nice.... that your secret sista made your day extra special.

That's such a cute little mouse you made. I may have to get me a copy of that magazine. Speaking of magazines... my new Southern Living issue is in there calling my name right now! LOL! I hope you have a great week and happy September too!
Big Hugs,

Holly said...

Hi, Linda! I have my sweatshirt on right now!

So good to see a pic of your grandma. We finally went up to White Gate. Our friends from SD wanted to go find the Amish so we drove aaaallll around up there until we finally found them! I was sort of embarssed!

Your candy corn mouse is so cute and reminded me that I want to try some sort of candy corn craft this year! ♥

Judy said...

That is too cute...I'll have to go check and see if I can find that magazine. We are having fall weather here in Northern Illinois and I'm loving it. I just hope it stays awhile.

~~Carol~~ said...

Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I can tell by the pictures in your header that I am going to love yours! I have bookmarked it. Maybe you could add a Follower gadget, so I won't miss a single post?! Going to look around your blog some more. Have a great day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the little candy corn mouse! How cute! It's nice to find your blog! Love it!

Jeanne said...

Hi Linda, I knew that was your beautiful grandmother. I love the photos of her. A very lovely woman. I know you miss her so much. Mary Jane Sugarpie is a real sweet friend. Lucky you to have a Secret Sista friend. Ahhhhh, a cup of tea in that gorgeous cup and green pepper jelly and cream cheese on crackers. How good is that??? Honestly, I love it too.

Your candy corn mouse is so cute. I never make crafty things anymore. I used to make things like that all the time. I am getting ready to haul out all my wonderful Halloween things to start decorating in a couple of weeks. You are responsible for so many of my treasures. I can't wait to use them again. I was looking at my bracelet today. I love it Linda.

I better go to bed. It is late for commenting but I was busy all day. Come over on Friday and you will see what I did today.


Susan P. said...

What wonderful "goodies" you got from your Secret Sista! I love Ruthann's Sugar Pie farm house, too! Makes me want to sign up to be a "sista" right now:)

Love the little, mouse! You are so talented, Linda!

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Just found your blog and I will be back for more visits. Is that photo in your header of your pantry?? If it is you must just stand there and look at all those jars filled with different things. I think it looks so colorful and lovely!! I have vacation coming up in 2 weeks. I will be spending some time canning. Haven't done it in a couple of years, but I used to love it.

I know what you mean about sweatshirt weather. I had my fave orange sweatshirt a couple of times last week. I love autumn.

How do you become secret sistas? That sounds so fun!! I would love to do that. Let me know.
♥ Rebecca

nancy said...

Hey, Linda. I've just been browsing among all your posts I have missed. Another great estate sale, eh? You're going to have to add onto your house if you keep up this way.
I think I'll put up some salsa too. I love making it fresh each time and we've been doing that, but my tomatoes have far exceeded our daily needs. Finally, a real bumber crop!
that Bat boat looks like a pretty nice toy for your boys. I hope it doesn't go as fast as it looks.
I love the autumn photos of you gran.

Leann said...

Thanks for the tip on the mag. I've been "Fall" steam ahead for several weeks and will definitely need this mag.

If you have time, please stop by The Old Parsonage, I'd love to visit again.


Mountain Mama said...

What a nice gift. I've never tried that kind of tea but my great granddaughter loves it.
The tea cup is really special. I love the design!