Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage Barbie Clothes

Good Morning! We are supposed to get get more snow today in SW VA! Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature that Spring will be here in only 33 days? Doesn't she need to be practicing some warmer days right now??
With snow on the ground and temps hovering around 20, I have been getting alot of sewing done.
Last spring I bought this vintage Barbie pattern at an estate sale and I dug it out last weekend and decided that I would make every outfit in the pattern. Let me just say I had so much fun doing this!
This is the first one I made. A lovely Sunday go to meeting dress on green and red paisley print topped by a red jacket. The skirt is accented with a red ribbon and belt and bow at the neckline.This outfit is perfect for school or the office with a lime green and turquoise wool pleated skirt with matching scarf and a turquoise blouse.
If you need to run out at lunch to run some errands, you could just slip on this lime green seersucker coat with matching scarf.Tennis anyone? This ensemble includes blue and pink bermuda shorts with a matching hair bow and a button down the front pink and white blouse.When you get home just slip into your pink slacks and just to feminize your look some top them with a white blouse with accents of pink lace and a daisy decoration.You may want to take advantage of the cold weather by going skating! You will look sharp in the 3 piece skating outfit. The blouse of a mod pink/orange/white design with matching panties looks lovely with the pink shirt lined with pink and white polka dots.
Headed out to the Valentine Ball? You will look stunning in this silver and black ball gown. (although she doesn't look to happy about going!)

And look what my son gave me for Valentines Day!!! A vintage Barbie case! Just perfect for storing these vintage clothes in.

Have a wonderful day!



GeorgiaPeachez said...

Ahh, the good old days. I remember being about 10 yo and worrying that when I got older I wouldn't want to play with my Barbies anymore. My love of sewing started with making clothes for my Barbies. xo, suzy

Vee said...

Omigosh! My mother used to make all our Barbie doll clothes, too. Wow, did this ever take me back. One Christmas, I found a closet my mother had made from an old shoe box covered in contact paper with a little dowel and all kinds of Barbie clothes on the rack. Since I found it, the gift was given to my sister instead of to me. Boy, was I ever cured from snooping! As I recall, it takes a lot of patience to create those little clothes.

Christy said...

Wow, what a wardrobe!

Celeste said...

Those clothes are super cute! One of the many reasons I need to learn how to sew.

Arlene Grimm said...

I enjoyed the fashions show...I remember making Barbie clothes!!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Oh wow! I used to have that Barbi case! I think I still have the orange plastic corvette, from the 70's, somewhere.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

How beautiful! I have that pattern but I am not talented enough to make the clothes! You did a beautiful job with them!
And that case is perfect for storing them! I love that size case.
Thank you for sharing!

Lily said...

Ha! How gorgeous!!!!

Was it hard sewing such teeny tiny little clothes?

Bovey Belle said...

Hiya. Long time no see! You have been keeping very busy inside whilst we have had such a horrid winter. NO WAY would I be able to sew all those fiddly little Barbie outfits without blowing a gasket! Well done : )

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Linda! Wow, I can't imagine making those. Great job! My first thought was, "I must tell Lindsey about this." But I see she's already been here! ♥

Jess said...

Hey! Hope all is well with you, sorry I haven't been has been nuts. have a great week!

Love, Jess

Sherrie said...

I have this pattern. I actually made my own doll clothes as a child. That is how long I have had this pattern. Who doesn't love Barbie? By the way, you might like Barbie Wednesday at Two Crazy Crafters. I still have my barbie, I showed her off at Christmas. I suspect that I will be bringing her back out, she enjoyed the lime light. Your clothes are fabulous!! You obviously are having too much fun.

Mountain Mama said...

What fun!! Your Barbie wardrobe is wonderful.
Several years ago I made lots of Barbi clothes to keep here for my granddaughters to play with. Now my great granddaughters play with them. I found it too tedious to sew them by machine so did them all by hand. I'm amazed that they held together all this time.
I hope you are having a good week. Think spring!