Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Puppy Slippers

Good morning all.  It is a beautiful day today and unseasonably warm, which it has been all fall.  I'm not a fan of winter weather, so I am totally ok with that.

Last week while surfing around on the web I stumbled across the pattern for crocheted puppy slippers!  Fortunately I printed out the pattern right then and there because now I can't find the link!  I whipped these up in no time and have another pair that are pink almost finished.  I think they are just adorable!

Yngwie and his girlfriend are home from college for Thanksgiving and spent Sunday afternoon making hard candy.  YUM!  They made raspberry, spearmint, cinnamon, and grape.  The first batch they did was the grape and apparently they didn't get it quite to temperature because it would never harden.  They had thrown that over into a bowl and given up on it, but I wouldn't let them throw it away.  After they left to go fishing, I re-boiled the grape blog and it hardened up just fine.  Just so you know, if it ever happens to you, it can be re-boiled!

Spending the rest of the week getting ready for Thanksgiving!  I think we will be having around 10 people for lunch!  I love to cook for crowds!



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