Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Good Tuesday morning!

No, I still haven't gotten a new computer.  I am still deciding whether I want a Mac.  My son's friend is totally into Mac's and says it will be the best money I ever spent.  Anyway, I'm came into work early to work on this post! 
Believe it or not we had a White Christmas!  It started sometime during the very early morning on Christmas day and when I got up to let the dog out at 5:30 this was what I was greeted with!  So exciting.  Just enough to barely cover the ground but not enough to keep the family from visiting!  Perfect!
This was one of the hilights of my Christmas.  This is my neice Rebecca with her brand new sewing machine.  She was so excited!  I taught her to sew last spring and she has been doing so well, but her machine was just a terrible and very cheap machine.  But, look what she made for me and her mom (my sister) for Christmas:
Are these not the cutest aprons ever?  Sherre's apron fabric is called Domestic Diva and mine is called Betty Bakes.  I love my apron!
I thought this was the funniest pic of Yngwie!  He is really into fishing and got lots of lures.  I can tell he is dreaming to that 20 lb bass that he will one day reel in!
And I would like to introduce you to my newest great neice!  Miss Reagan!

Isn't that the sweetest little face in the world! 
I have been putting away Christmas stuff and cleaning house and haven't started my tags for January yet, but hopefully this weekend I will have time to get started.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



Linda Ruthie said...

Fabulous aprons! Your neice will enjoy sewing so much more with a good machine.

Creative Breathing said...

Linda! This is just the sweetest post ever! A White Christmas and a niece to sew you an apron. I am popping by to let you know McLinky will be available on my blog on Sunday for you to share your Happy Homemaker tag on Monday. I am so looking forward to seeing all the different themes and paper styles. I would love if you would photograph your supplies and share why you chose your theme, challenges in choosing which papers to use knowing you will have to save aside colors for future months, etc. Talk about your style, any new techniques, anything at all that made the experience fun for you. I have a post on my blog now outlining our swap. See you Monday! Elizabeth

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm stopping by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is filled with happiness! HAVE FUN! Eat lots of CAKE and celebrate! ♥♥♥