Monday, June 06, 2011

The Dogwood Skirt

I love dogwoods!  Did you know the are the state flower for Virginia?  Springtime here is just beautiful when the dogwoods are in full bloom.  I have 3 of them in my yard that my Grandfather planted for me 25 years ago.  So when I saw some fabric with dogwoods on it at the thrift store, I knew it had to be mine.  There were 3 yards and I paid $1.50 for it!  Quite the bargain!

A few weeks ago my niece and I attended an estate sale not far from where I live that advertised sewing stuff!  When we got there, she started digging through the closets and we came up with 120 vintage sewing patterns!!!  There was no price on any on them so I asked the lady running the sale and she said $15 for all of them!!  OH YES!!!  I gave Rebecca all but about 7 of them, since she is becoming quite the seamstress.

Here is what I made with my "new" pattern and fabric!  Simplicity 7394 from 1976.

I loved this skirt that was made with the front panel and two side panels!  Upon looking into the envelope I found this:
It's an ad from a 1976 magazine showing this pattern made up! I can just imagine the women who owned it before me seeing this ad and knowing she loved it so much she wanted to make it.
Anyway, I decided to use my beloved dogwood fabric and I couldn't be happier with the way this pattern went together and how it turned out.
This is a terrible photo, but you will have to trust me that the skirt is really cute and I've worn it a couple of times already and feel so springy in it!  I will definitely use this pattern again as I was able to make this cute skirt in about an hour from start to finish!

Hope everyone had a grand weekend!




Mary said...

Hello Linda,

You commented about drying peonies. I didn't know they could be dried either until a friend told me. I have several drying now. They seem to be keeping their color pretty well, a little fading. My peonies are all gone also. They are a favorite flower, so lush and beautiful and old-fashioned and they smell so sweet. I look forward to them each May. Lovely skirt and the fabric is so pretty. I'll be back to visit again. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Nan said...

thanks for visiting my blog I love your skirt. I'm about to cut one out myself the pattern I've had around here a couple years. On the blue poppies, they are Himalayan Poppies and only grow in cool climates. If it's over 70 in the summer where you live you cannot grow them. They really flourish here in this climate. Nan

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I love reading stories like this. What a great story behind the fabric and the pattern. I, too, love looking through old patterns at Goodwill.
Your skirt looks adorable in the photo. Great job. : )

Jenny said...

Cute skirt. Love the pattern!