Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I don't talk a lot about it, but I have chronic migraines.  I started having them when I was about 33 years old.  They started very subtlety, but over time increased to where I usually have 2-3 per week.

Yeah.  That;s a lot.  However, I take a medication called Zomig at the beginning of a migraine and usually within an hour they are under control and I am just fine.

Until 14 days ago.  DH and I went to see The Blue Man group at the performing arts complex in our town.  They have a lot of strobe lights in their show.  I should have gotten up and left as soon as the lights started bothering me but I was in a middle seat and didn't want to disturb anyone.  Bad decision.

I got a migraine that night that put me flat on my back for 17 hours.  I could not move an inch without being sick to my stomach.  I stayed in a recliner with ice packs on my neck and forehead, in a dark room and did not move.

This must have triggered something because I have had a migraine every day since and they are not responding well to the medication that usually works.  I am now having to take Percocet or Lortabs with the Zoming and even that is just dulling the pain enough that I can get through the day.  I work full time in an office and this is very hard to do.  The migraines keep me up at night and I have only been getting about 3 hours of sleep each night.

I have been to the Dr. and they can't find out what is causing them, which seems to be pretty normal with many people's migraines.  I have had MRI's, Catscans, I have been probed and prodded and tested and re-tested.  I have taken every drug they know.

I am seeing a chiropractor and even she is discouraged that she hasn't been able to help with my migraines.

I am pretty much at a loss now.  I hate to even think what taking all this medication is doing to my body. 

I guess I'm just feeling discouraged today and needed to write it out and vent. 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.



Debby said...

Oh no. I am not surprised that those lights did that to you. I have them as well. Lately alot better. But I take meds every night. When I get them they last a couple weeks solid. But I don't ger as bad as you do. I imagine the overhead lights in your office contribute. Feel better.

Shirley Hatfield said...

Linda, I am so sorry. I am sending my prayers and good wishes your way. I hope that you start feeling better soon.

Tammy's in Love said...

Linda, please write to me at

I started getting migraines at 36, most people get them in their 20s. I have some ideas for you.


Nan said...

Linda this is terrible about your migraines. I can greatly relate as I had them starting slowly at age 27 then gaining speed as I aged. They finally came out with the drugs that shrink the blood vessels mine was Imitrex which worked for me. You are young yet I'm thinking you may luck out and get rid of them after menopause as mine were related to hormones and completely went away. Before the drugs that worked I wanted to say, just take me out back and shoot me I can't take this anymore. I would vomit for hours and have to stay in for 4 days at a time. My weight got low due to all the nausea. Yours sounds like a very difficult case.
I'm here to tell you I'm your swap partner over at Cozy Blanket. I see we have a lot of the same likes. Send me your e-mail when you can Debby said it didn't work. Thanks Nan
nanpan@alaska.net I'm from the blog Retired in Alaska.

Nicki said...

I hope you feel better soon - I get severe motion sickness and can appreciate the 'sick' feeling that lingers long after the original assault.

Vee said...

Oh that sounds just awful, Linda. I have another blogging buddy who suffers terribly with migraines...Terri at Windlost.

Hope that this has subsided over the past few days. Perhaps you can get some good tips from your readers for things to try or to avoid.