Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Glimpses of a Kindred Stranger

I love it when my family members "get" me.  You know what I mean?  This is an example.  My niece went to an auction not too long ago and bought me a box of old recipe cut outs because "This looked like something you would want, Aunt Linda".  And she was right!  She said when she saw all the colorful graphics on the recipes she just knew I would find a use for them.  And she was right!  As I was digging through the box I came across this binder.  I could tell right away that I was going to be thrilled with the contents.  And I was!
Just a plain old binder.....

Chock full of recipes!!!!!!

Some "kindred spirits" book of favorite recipes.....I wish I could have known her.

Lots of recipes carefully cut out of magazines and newspapers and patiently glued on to the pages.  I wonder, did she make any of these?

I can imagine her sitting a her kitchen table with her scissors and glue, cutting and pasting, the old time way.
Some of these ads and recipes are just too cute not to share, so here are a few of my favorites:

Yum!  I love anything lemon!   Look at the plate that piece of cake is on.... drool...
And do you see that the cake is actually in an old ice tray??  This new generation probably has never even seen one of those.

A Flower of a Pie...This is going to be on my table this week, because my cherries are ripe and my family loves cherry pie.  Remember to use real whipping cream, not Cool Whip...

The Most Praised Cupcakes.... Pink coconut....  That aqua tablecloth......

Miss Kathleen Boyd, I want that bowl you are stirring in!  It's Autumn Leaf by Jewell Tea.
Isn't she darling, such as impish little grin.... milk in a glass bottle....I hope she enjoyed her trip to New York.

How many of you remember the mimeograph?   I loved the smell of that purple ink....This recipe came from the Young Homemakers, Sept 1958...  Sweet milk.... There was a recent discussion with my friends about was "is" sweet milk.  In my family, it means just regular milk, not buttermilk or soured milk.  One of my friends said in her families recipes it meant evaporated milk.  Hmmmm....  A cake of yeast.... can you still buy yeast in cakes????
lard... I have seen that in the grocery store but I never use it.  Wonder if it makes a difference in this recipe????

I am still carefully looking through this binder, reading all the recipes and wondering about the lady who spent so much time putting this together...I hope she knows... I love her book... and will take care of it for another generation...




Shirley Hatfield said...

I have found so many "kindred strangers" just by visiting their blogs. You, Linda, are such a person! You get want to know the person who made the book. I have felt that way so many times. My father just gave me a box of pictures and papers. One of the treasures was his baby book...1934! As I read the entries that Grandma Zetta lovingly wrote...I felt so close to her, to read her dreams for that child she wanted so much. I want to do a Father's Day post about that book. Thank you for such an inspiring post.

Tammy's in Love said...

DING! DING! DING! Winner! What a FUN FIND!!! That's even better than the 1940s recipe box I got at the estate sale; you have illustrations! Now, will you please make that Lemon Ice Box pie? I'll stop on my way to DSM if you do!


Linda Ruthie said...

Well, I'm another "kindred spirit". I have a collection of cut out recipes like that myself. (Although I never took time to paste them into a book.) I also have a small book that my grandmother put together with saved recipes. And I have my MIL's recipe box.
Wonderful photos! I'm glad you pointed out about the ice cube tray because I was looking at the pic and wondering what kind of a pan they used.
BTW, I stopped over to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Nearly forgot after I got wrapped up in your post. ☺