Wednesday, March 06, 2013

House of Rust

Good Snowy Wednesday!   Did y'all get a blizzard??  They were calling for 8-12" of snow last night in our area.. Guess how much we got?  Less than 1"!!!  I am perfectly happy about that.  I do not like snow in March, I am ready for flowers and sunshine and warm weather!

My dear husband has been cleaning out our old barn because he is fixing it up for a sort of "man cave" for his cars and boats and decided that he would fix the loft of the barn up with some chairs, TV, drink machine, etc.. for the guys when they come over.  So he came across my old doll house.  I got this when I was about 4 or 5 and brought it with me when I got married in 1980 and stuck it up in the barn and it had been there ever since. 

I guess it's not in too bad of condition for having been stored in a barn for 33 years!

I am missing a couple of interior walls.  They aren't in the barn so they must have been lost somewhere through time. 

I went to a home once that had the bathroom in the bedroom with no walls separating them, but I don't think I would like that!  So, I am going to try and make some walls.  My furniture is slim pickings.  This is a little toilet that I bought at an estate sale.  It advertises Natural Bridge.

I only have a high chair for the nursery.  One of my Lalaloopsy dolls is watching over the baby.

The two Loopsies are having an indoor picnic or tea.  The table and chairs were a gift from Kim with a giveaway that I won.  I could just buy furniture from Ebay but I want to be able to find it "in the wild" as my niece says.  I hope to get to the antique store this weekend and see what I can find.

In other news, the crafting bug is back thanks for the spoolie swap that Sandy is hosting.  I have been having a ball putting together my swap!  I can't show what I have made but here are a few snippet's that may or may not be involved...

Hope everyone has a Happy Hump Day!!!!



Kim K. said...

Have fun decorating your dollhouse!! It's especially exciting being that it was your childhood house. Can't wait to see more of your spoolie creation. It's been a neat swap.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

We're having unseasonably warm temps her on the west coast- so nice!

Oh Linda- how wonderful that you've been able to stay in the same house for 33 years AND that you have your original girl hood doll house. Sometimes, I feel so displaced and lost!

I'm hoping to find a doll house at the thrifts soon or maybe a garage sale. There's one at the antique mall but they want $65.00 for it. Yikes!

Chenille Cottage said...

What a fun time you ware going to have dolling up your doll house. In the mid 50s my big sisters both had houses similar to yours. Mine was a rancher. How I wish I still had mine.
Can't wait to see all your pretty touches, Linda.
Have a happy day!
Carolynn xoxo

Tammy's in Love said...

We got a foot and you got an inch!? The doll house from the barn looks pretty darn cute! Call Kim K and she'll invent walls for your 'open concept' house! Smile.

Perfectly Printed said...

How fun to find your dollhouse! I'm sure you will have a blast decorating it! Can't wait to see to all your Easter swap goodies!


ImagiMeri said...

I love your dollhouse, and if I come across anymore furniture, I'll be sure to let you know. Other than some rainy days, we've been having our typical spring weather in the 70's. I even cut some roses today from the garden......oh heavenly scent. I'm so excited to see everyone's spoolies. My swap partner is in England, so it's gonna be weeks before she gets hers, or me mine.


craftyles said...

The dollhouse is adorable. I love metal ones. I had one when I was a kid-but have no idea what happened to it. Have fun decorating it!


Very cool doll house! Fun peek of the spoolie!
Thanks for the visit!