Sunday, June 08, 2014

Cherries and mean people!

Good Sunday afternoon,  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was very busy.

Our cherry tree is full this year so DH picked them Friday evening while I was at book club and yesterday I spent the day making preserves.
First you need to pull out your 1903 cherry pitter.

This contraction really works well!

 Put the cherries into a pot with Sure-Jell and sugar and boil longer than it says on the package!

I ended up with 3 pints and 16 half pints.  To tell the truth, I am not fond of cherry preserves but dear husband loves them.  So I make them!

I have also been very busy with my garden!
weeding daily..
I finally found an organic product to keep the potato beetles off and the potatoes look great now and are blooming!
Seriously tomato, you have lots of limbs, you do not need to grow 16 tomatoes on one stem.  I am going to have to pull some of these off!

Now about the mean people.  Someone broke into our barn this past week and stole valuable parts off dear husbands drag boat.  This makes me furious!  Not so much that they took the parts, those can be replaced but I feel so violated!  Someone came onto my property while I wasn't home and took stuff!  The police were notified, we have called all our friends who own drag boats to be on the look out for the parts and all the performance shops in town are also on the lookout for anyone who tries to buy the parts to make the devices stolen work.  So now we are having to install security cameras on the property, another cost we didn't need.  What happened to "do unto others"??  

Hopefully this will be a better week!




Patti said...

I love cherry anything, is I would probably love the jam. Oh, those mean people. It does make you wonder why? Your gardens are wonderful!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Your jam looks like a lot of work, but I love cherries so would definitely make jam, yum. Bravo to you for weeding daily, for me it is too hot after 9:00 a.m., lol. I try to do a little each day.

Mean people is a nice description for anyone low enough to break in and steal from someone. It has to be someone familiar with the boat hobby, so I think those slugs are going to surface and be caught soon.


Margaret said...

Oh how lovely to have those preserves! Your husband must really love you for going through all that trouble. Sorry about the theft. Let justice prevail and catch those crooks! Maggie

Melissa said...

Sorry that happened to you guys!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I understand that feeling of violation. It's so sad! I'll pray for peace for you.

We once had a large cherry tree and ate them all fresh and froze the rest whole! I only like cherries in their natural state.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

I too understand about being robbed. My mother came home from shopping one afternoon and ran into the wall with her arm outstretched going to turn on her TV to "All My Children" and the TV was gone!! We have had things taken from our house too, and it's not a good feeling!
On a lighter note, I just LOVE your garden it looks so good! And there is nothing any prettier than rows of canned goods!

kitty said...

The cherry preserves look wonderful! I know your hubby will be happy.
How awful about the stolen items. I can see why you feel so violated. I hope the thieves get caught!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm so sorry about your burglary. What an unsettling and awful incident. Josie just LOVES cherries. Your preserves look amazing. Look how full your gardens are too!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your robbery! That is so not nice!! I hope those people get caught, and maybe you can even get your things back. Yum your cherries look so delicious!! You're so lucky to have your very own cherry tree! Not to mention how pretty they are! Lots and lots of tomatoes!! :) Everything is looking lovely!! Hope you have a great day! xo Holly

Bohemian said...

First let me Congratulate you and be Green with Envy over your Green Thumb and AMAZING Garden Space! So Green, so Abundant, so Beautiful... here in the Desert it is much more challenging to have a Victory Garden, but I always try. And secondly, we can SO relate to the Mean Dishonest People experience. We have an Acre in the middle of Urban Sprawl in an older decaying neighborhood, which means we have been Victimized many, many times, to the point we can't even obtain Hazard Insurance for contents anymore because the area is too High Risk. *Le Sigh* I Hope your items are recovered, we've never been that fortunate and had to absord the total loss. Yes, it is a feeling of being so violated and disrespected isn't it?

Dawn... The Bohemian