Thursday, April 26, 2007


Are the irises blooming in your area? My mother in laws have bloomed but mine are still lurking. They are in the shade and are always a little after hers. This is a picture of last years. The iris is one of my favorite flowers. I love the size and shape of them, and they make a beautiful bouquet for the table. I love flowers and grow several different kinds. I inherited this love from my grandmother. I swear that lady could stick a toothpick in the ground and a redwood would grow! When she lived in the country, she had the most amazing flower gardens you have ever seen. Larkspur, cocks comb, dahlias, iris, chinese lanterns, and my favorite as a child, snapdragons. She would let me pull the blooms off some of the snapdragons and show me how to squeeze them so it would look like a dragon opening and closing it's mouth. This would fascinate me for hours, along with making hollyhock dolls, and necklaces of clover. She also showed my how to make what we called grass hopper catchers, made from non other than grasshopper weeds! Amazingly enough, these things along with making mud pies and cutting paper dolls from the Sears catalog would keep me entertained for weeks while I would visit her in the summer.

No TV, (she could only get one station and it was fuzzy) very little radio, (farm report), and no video games! I feel sorry for my son that he did not get to grow up with simple pleasures like that. He doesn't watch a great deal or tv or play video games all that often, but I wish he could have known what it was like to get up and go outside and play all day on hundreds of acres of land, and not worry that someone might abduct him at the bus stop, or offer him drugs, or any of the horrible things that people do to children now days. I know they happened then too, I guess we just didn't hear about it as much. But still, the biggest worry I had while at grandmas was, "I hope she doesn't have liver for supper"!

My grandmother asked me once to write down the things that I wanted her to leave me in her will. I wrote down her rock collection. Just rocks she picked up on the farm that looked like a bird, or bug or whatever and she kept them. When she asked me why just that I told her she had already given me the greatest gift of all. Time.

Hope everyone has a great day!



Tracy said...

I'm glad that you found my blog, which led me to yours. Please visit again! I enjoy like-minded thinkers.

This post was well written. My grandma, who will turn 83 in May, moved in with me a year ago. I can recall many summer days spent with her. All of my fondest childhood memories revolve around her home. I love that you told your grandma that she had already given you *time*. It's so true, isn't it? All we need is love and attention. The rest is just gravy!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory. I also have great memories of summers spent on my grandparents, Mom & Pops, farm.

I never told Mom how special it was to me, I am glad that you were able to share that with your grandam!

Lovella said...

Linda, what a wonderful reflection on your memories.
My iris are still sprouting forth their green blades. Before they are ready I look forward to the lilac.
Snapdragons seem to be a favorite among many children. My husband speaks fondly of the snapdragons of his grandma. He still can't resist squeezing their mouths open.

Our children still knew what it was like to play without concern on a farm but I do wonder how many more generations will know that freedom.
I enjoyed your post. thank you.

Marci said...

Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog. Do you live near the mountains in Virginia? We tried to move to the mountains in your state for several years. God had other plans and brought us to Ohio.

I love your post about your Grandma. I too had a wonderful Grandma that gave me lots of time and love.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I so enjoyed reading about your memories of your grandmother, so sweet! My grandmother grew lots of hollyhocks, I always think of her when I see them.

My mother loved iris and at one time she had over 200 plants! My sister now lives in her house where they are (Alabama) I live in Florida and we can't grow them here :-(
I miss iris, daffodils and tulips here.


Jodi said...

Such lovely reflections! I chucked at the line I swear that lady could stick a toothpick in the ground and a redwood would grow! :o) When I grew up, the elderly man next door to my parents was like that.

Re: Irises ~ we just had some bloom in our yard (we're in a new house). We've never had them before ~ they are lovely and rather stately. :o)