Friday, April 20, 2007

VA Tech Day of Mourning

Today the nation has been asked to wear the colors of Virginia Tech in honor of the students and teachers who were killed by a deranged student. Everywhere I went during lunch today, 90% of everyone had on either orange and maroon or their VA Tech logo tee-shirts. It was wonderful to see the community pull together and gather strength from one another.

One of the students that was killed was from our area. His name was Henh Ly. He was a 20 year old student majoring in computer engineering. He was an exceptional student, having enough advanced placement credits from high school to begin VA Tech as a sophmore. A young man remembered by friends as always joking around, and loved by neighbors and classmates alike.
I know we are never supposed to question God when bad things happen to good people, but I think it is human nature to do so. WHY?????
At this point I am just relying on my faith and trying to keep in mind that those who were killed and had faith and had asked God into their hearts are now living with our Saviour.
I can not imagine losing my child, for any reason, but to lose a child from a senseless, random, violent act is something I can not fathom. My prayers are with the families of those who were killed.


Sharon said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

It is such a sad time for so many families. It definitely is the human in us to wonder why things like this have to happen. Only God knows.

Have a blessed weekend!

Christie Belle said...

Our prayers have been with the families of those that lost their lives last week too. I think it is so wonderful that so many in our nation are showing support and wearing the VA Tech colors.

Thanks for swinging by my blog, feel free to come back to visit anytime:)