Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Morning!

Just popping in to say a quick "Hello".

I finally got my neice's apron finished this weekend. It was a little tedious inserting the lace around the scalloped edge and pocket, but I love the finished product.

Just one more week until Christmas Eve! I love this time of year. Yngwie and I went to the mall yesterday evening to pick up a few things we wanted to get for his friends and it was so packed you were shoulder to shoulder. But I was pleased to see that everyone was in a great mood. No shoving, yelling, etc. Everyone full of the Christmas spirit. I was even more pleased to hear many cashiers saying "Merry Christmas"! I am sure everyone has heard about that debate.

I know this week is going to fly by as we are so busy.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!



Libby said...

Good to hear that the shoppers are in a good mood . . . I have not yet been out and have a short list of things to pick up *s*
Love the apron - very sweet and vintage looking.

MammyT said...

I love the apron. It does look "very vintage". Did you have a pattern? What is the "Merry Christmas" controversy? Is that where some are not permitted to say it, and must say "Happy Holidays" or something? I haven't heard anything about it this year.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful apron.

Lori said...

Love that apron.

Regina said...

wonderful apron.