Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, actually merry day after Christmas! Christmas Eve and Christmas day went by in a whirlwind. Fortunately, most of our family lives within a half hours drive, so we were with "kith and kin" both days.

I made these marshmallow snowmen and sugar cookies for my friend and has so pleased how they turned out. The snowmen are just two marshmallows on a skewer then dipped in white chocolate and decorated with melted chocolate and an M&M nose.

My dear son Yngwie got me this adorable doll for Christmas! It is made of celuloid and is only a couple of inches tall. I absolutely love it!
My dear husband got me these two Christmas kids to put under our tree. They are so cute!
One of the highlights of yesterday was seeing my great niece who is just two dressing up with all her princess attire. Now is she a diva or what!

It's back to work today. :( Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!



MammyT said...

Looks like a very fun Christmas at your house. The little diva is adorable. What and awesome little doll Yngwie gave you.

Kelli said...

Your neice is too cute! Your gifts are wonderful and I would love a sample of the goodies you made. :0)

Andrea said...

Oh she is a little doll. So precious. And those cookies......

Lori said...

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
Your cookies and snowmen look so yummy!
How did you make your sugar cookies. They look like sandwich cookies.

nannykim said...

love the snowmen--wha a great idea; and the princess is utterly adorable!