Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Hint of Spring

I bought this pot of hyacinths last week and they were just barely budding. This week they are almost fully opened. What a wonderful fragrance they send thru the house. Just a hint of Spring!




Pear tree cottage! said...

I cannot tell you how much I loved visiting you again here today. You birthday good wishes I send from here in Australia and a little warmth from a sunny summers day!

I will be back to visit again real soon as I truly enjoy reading your blog and wish I had time to do so every day!

smiles from Lee-ann

Mountain Mama said...

Your Hyacinths are beautiful I planted bulbs in my garden a few years ago and they have divided and are just beautiful when they bloom providing I can keep the slugs out of them.
Your Organic Gardening book caught my eye because my mom had one just like it. I remember it sitting oh her table.

Andrea said...

Beautiful. I love the color.

Back Through Time said...

Those are some of my FAVORITE flowers!! I love the way the smell
Hope you are having a great week

Tami said...

Oh, that makes me long for the end of winter even more. I'm sure hoping that groundhog doesn't see his shadow this year. I'm sooooo ready for spring.

MammyT said...

They are just beautiful. Is that a vintage valentine peeping in at the edge of the photo?

MammyT said...

LInda, I just looked for your email address and I don't see it.

Kelli said...

How pretty, Linda!


PEA said...

Oh, Linda, how beautiful the Hyacinths are!! With all the snow and frigid temperatures we have here, I'm so longing for Spring but it will be a while yet before we see any flowers blooming!! lol xox

Anita said...

Dear Linda,

Yes, just four weeks to go and our gardens will wake up again! I am longing for spring!

I am glad you like my little bags. Yes, I had a pattern for them! All those TILDA creations I show on my blog are out of a wonderful book called "Sew pretty homestyle" written by Tone Finnanger.

Have a wonderful week-end!

Best wishes, Anita

Susie said...

Those hyacinths are lovely and I can almost smell them. They do speak of spring to come :)

Sandra said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by blog. I'm so glad you're interested in the book club. Please email me at:
walraven@sympatico.ca so I can give you info on signing up.


MammyT said...

Oh LInda, you are such a sweetheart. It looks like all the pattern pieces are there, and my gd likes the one that has a kids size. So many fun goodies you included. I just couldn't believe it. It was "Oh look at this" over and over again as we went through it. Can I talk about it on show and tell? The Workbasket mags alone are an awesome collection! I was reading through them and marvelling at some of the ads and information.
Thank you, thank you!