Thursday, February 07, 2008

This and That

The weather here has gone from one extreme to the other. One day it is freezing cold and the next day it's in the 70's! I guess my bulbs have become confused as my hyacinths and resurrection lillies are starting to poke though the mulch. I covered them up a little more as we still have a month or so more of cold weather.

Last week went I went to Lowes I bought a few more packs of seeds. I have some kind of seedmania going on. I can't stop buying seeds! I have never had swiss chard before so I decided I would give it a try. It looks so pretty on the package. I really hope the Bells of Ireland do well because they totally captivated me with their pretty picture on the pack. My family love beets but I have never had any of the gold ones, so into the garden they will go. I have started a new kind of gardening journal, that I will show you when I get some pics. Hopefully this will help me remember what worked and what didn't in my garden.

With Valentines Day right around the corner, I have put out some of my vintage valentines and post cards. I love the colors on these and the little boys eyes move.

I am trying to think of something other than candy to get for my husband and son for Valentines Day other than candy. Anyone have any ideas for "guy" gifts?

Hope everyone has a blessed day!



Kelli said...

We have been having strange weather too. It was in the 70's one afternoon this week and by dinner time it was in the 40's! I love your vintage valentine's and I always get some kind of chocolate treat for the guys.

Libby said...

Boys are difficult to surprise with something new . . . I stick with the traditional chocolate *s*

Louisa said...

I love your valentines!! How adorable :-)

Thank you! I like my wool, too, and it's spinning up beautifully :-)

(Peanut Butter cookies are my Dad's favourite, too!)

Andrea said...

I love peanut butter cookies. Well actually I love anything with peanut butter.