Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where are you from?

I have been reading several blogs that ask the question, Where are you from? I decided this would be fun to play along.

I am from a little brick ranch house beside our church. I am from walking to church with my family and best friend. I am from potluck dinners on the gounds with homemade ice cream being churned. I am a child of God.
I am from clothes washed on a wringer washer with Little Boy Blue bluing. I am from clothes hung on the line for the sun to kiss dry. I am from the smell of clean clothes being ironed. (One of my very favorite smells!).
I am from chicken houses, tobacco barns, smoke houses and equipment sheds. I am from running barefoot all summer long.
I am from climbing apple trees and riding bikes from sun up to sun down.
I am from vegetable gardens and eating ripe tomatoes right in the garden. I am from digging potatoes and picking corn and beans.
I am from the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is forgotten far too much today.
I am from hard working honest parents and grandparents who gave me unconditional love.
I am from fried chicken, fried apple pies, and chocolate cake. I am from souse meat, corn bread, and homemade biscuits loaded with butter.
I am from peanuts in my Dr. Pepper, Hershey bars dipped in peanut butter, and mint julep taffy.
I am from a wonderful marriage with the greatest husband of earth. I am from a teenage son who is such a joy to me.
I am from finally finding peace with who I am. Plain. Honest. Country.

That's who I am.


Kindra said...

I loved your meme! I have seen this on another blog. It's like poetry. It was great to learn more about you and your life. Peanuts in Dr. Pepper? I don't think I have ever heard of that. :) I like the picture of the barn, too. I'm a sucker for primitive folk art. :)

Primgal55 said...

This is so neat - I loved learning about you. Please tell me about souse meat?

Plain, honest, country sounds perfect to me!

hugs, Linda

Andrea said...

You sound like a wonderful down to earth person. Nice to meet you. You sound like a blessed and sweet person. Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Linda, this is beautiful! I've never seen one of these before, but it IS like poetry. Wow! What a "down home" girl!
Love, \

PEA said...

Hello dear Linda:-)

Such a wonderful way of getting to know you better! I've seen this meme on other blogs as well and want to give it a try one day:-) xoxo

Mountain Mama said...

You are precious.
I love your answers.
Why the peanuts in your Dr. Pepper? I never heard of that.