Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Yellow Purse

I cut this purse out last weekend and have been piddling with it all week. (piddling, isn't that a fun word!). Finally last night I sewed the bottom in and voila! It's finished.

Well, almost finished. While I was serging the bottom the needles in my serger broke. Both of them at the same time. I must have been pulling too hard to make the turns around the bottom. So I will be off the the store this week sometime to get new ones.

I got the fabric and the pattern at the thrift store so this purse cost at grand total of 50 cents! (Plus two new serger needles). The button is just decorative as the purse closes with velcro.

This purse was super easy to make, and I can see more of these being made in the future! Hope everyone has a great day!



Primgal55 - Linda said...

Morning, I am using my cold as an excuse to sit and catch up on blogs and emails!

LOve the purse and the produce and especially the sunflowers! I made squash patties last night for dinner - yummo! How do you make your fritters?

Anita said...

What a lovely little purse, Linda! Very well done!
I just popping by to tell you that you should NOT miss to pass by my blog tomorrow because there will be a little surprise waiting for you over there!


Mountain Mama said...

I love your new purse!! You really find some good bargains too. I love shopping that way. Sorry about your serger needles breaking.
I have a Viking that I used for years. I have it set up upstairs, but the machine I am using lately is the one I learned to sew on way back around 1950. My mom got a new Singer then and I'm not sure who was more delighted her or me! Golly I loved to sew. I could babysit a few hours and earn a dollar which would buy me four yards of good fabric at Newberry's. I made a lot of skirts, blouces and dresses on this dear old machine.
When Mom passed away my sister got the machine, then she moved to Alaska so I got it.
The instruction booklet that came with it shows pictures of this machine and also one of their other models, a Treadle Sewing machine.

I think mom must have had some broken needles too because there are probably a dozen packages of them in the attachment box! LOL

A Hint of Home said...

Cute idea, and it turned out so pretty.

Anonymous said...

The purse is so cute! Great job! I think piddling is a fun word too:O)
Sometimes in our home we just make up words because the twins get a kick out of it. For years my boys would laugh into hysterics over the word 'tissue', I'll never know why it was a laugh button for them but them laughing made me laugh!
Shayne Louree

Mam said...

Lina, this is really cute. I know you'll enjoy using it.

Bovey Belle said...

Oh that's so pretty - love the button too. Clever girl!

Lori said...

Just dropping by to say hello.

Love that purse. You did a great job making it. Wish I could sew.

Hope you are having a great summer.

Mrs.T said...

Too cute, Linda! I love that button. It is perfect for the purse!

God bless,