Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Show and Tell

Good Friday Morning Everyone! This has been such a long week, I am looking forward to spending tomorrow "crafting" as I have no other obligations or plans. It's supposed to be rainy, dreary, and cool, the perfect day to stay home.
Kelli, over at is hosting Show and Tell! When you get a chance head over to her lovely blog and check out the fun!
Over the many years of my "thrifting" I have run across several books on fashion and care of clothing. It is amazing the changes in what is considered modest or acceptable.
I love this book from 1923 called "Clothing- Choice, Care and Cost"
Look what was inside! A dried flower, obviously very special to the young lady who owned this book. Wonder what the occasion was? Was it from her beau? I will never know.
There is also a newspaper cut out of a pair of bloomers on the same page. Hmmmm.
Apparently, a group called the General Foundation of Womens Clubs met in 1914 at the Biennial convention and passed a resolution calling for more standardization in womens dress. They desired clothing that was more modest, simple, and better designed. They were tired of the constantly changing styles. Here is their answer to that:
This is the standard dress designed to stay in style, be modest and comfortable. I would totally wear that today!
This is the housedress that could easily be made following he cutting layout shown. It would be comfortable, nice looking, and not impede your movements as you go about your daily activities.

You could add the overlay for a more dressy look then add embroidery for a more personal look.
The book also gives you a list of the clothing items you should have and how often you should buy them. Have all of you bought your corset? How about your summer petticoats? If not, get busy, the year is almost up!
I think the Foundation of Womens Clubs needs to have another meeting. They need to declare that there should be no more bare midriffs, slouchy pants with underwear showing, pj bottoms in public, and jeans so tight you can't breathe. Anyone agree?
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Debbie @ said...

Hi Linda, I agree. What happened to pretty clothes, a pretty top or put together outfit instead of pajamas in public. Don't get me wrong, I love my slippers, but not at the mall! hahaha. Oh well, have a blessed day!

ceekay said...

Fantastic book...I think I would scan a few pages on a linen paper and frame for a bathroom or bedroom. Way to neat to miss!!

Libby said...

What a great book *s*

Mrs. Miles said...

LOL - I WANT your book haha! That is an amazing find. So glad you could share! If you EVER scan some pages I'd LOVE to see - they would make great scrapbooking designs (I design, so if you'd ever like to see them turned into them I could do that!)

THANK YOU so much for sharing!

glorv1 said...

That is a great book. The flower once meant something to someone. What a treasure, you have it now. Hold it close, you might get some vibes. Thx for sharing.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

I just love these old books. Yours is definitely a keeper.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I love the fashion of yesteryear. Especially the 50s. I don't particularly care for the styles of today at all!
What a great book.

Susie Homemaker said...

Amen...if I see another person's dental floss peaking out of the skin tight jeans again...arghhhh! Your books are a great look back in time and in some cases prove to be timeless...


Jeanne said...

Hello Linda, i stopped by to say hello and I love your post about clothes and the vintage book. A great find and the dried flower makes you wonder, but what's up with the bloomers? smile.

It is time to put Halloween away and I find myself putting it off. I just turned the pumpkin faces around. I am getting into the Christmas thing though.

Take care, Jeanne

Bovey Belle said...

What a great book and I am glad I'm not alone about practical clothes and not mere wisps, or spray-on jeans or worst of ALL, lads wwearing baggy trousers which are pulled so low that the crutch is at the knees and half their underpants are showing. I'm afraid I always have the GREATEST urge to just pull them right down as I walk by!!! I guess I am getting to be an Old Fogey in their eyes, and thus invisible . . .

Linda C said...

Great book! I love looking at the clothing from the past. I agree with you regarding the clothes that are worn today. I wish the girls and women would realize how the tight, low cut jeans makes one look shorter, cut off at the middle, and not as slim.
And all the skin showing-don't get me started:)
Thanks for the post.

Mountain Mama said...

I love old books and this one is very special. I have often wondered how the ladies felt when they were able to toss the horrid cinching corsets and long bulky dresses. I would have felt like I had been given a new freedom.

Kelli said...

That is such a wonderful book and the dried flower is the sweetest thing! I'm sure it was very important to someone long ago. I hope you had a lovely crafting weekend.

Mam said...

Woo Hoo! I love those feminie clothes. I think the only way to get them now is to find some of those patterns and make them ourselves. I think they were so nice. Even the "house dresses" that my mother wore were so pretty. Here I am in blue jeans and a sweatshirt! Arrrggghh.