Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easter Chicks

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!
It is a wet and cold day here in SW Virginia, but that's okay because we need the rain. An extra perk of it being rainy is that it makes for a great day to "piddle" in the house! Don't you just love the word "piddle"?
Back in January I went to an estate sale and bought some of the cutest Easter chicks I have ever seen! I was so excited to get them out and put them in my "happy cabinet" for Easter.
This is surely a gentlemen rooster! You can tell by his top hat and walking cane.

This little bunny thinks she is one 'hot chick" hee hee,

The fine ladies are ready to show off their pretty hats in the Easter parade.

The pretty blue chick with the yellow hat seems very happy to follow that proud yellow rooster. I bet she wishes that baby in a bunnysuit and the woodland elf would get out of her way!
These little chicks live in side of a little shadow box that I made.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Holly said...

Cute shadow box, Linda! I've never made one but it's on my "want to some day" list. Yes, I do like the word piddle! I use it, too! that and putter and pilfer. ☺ And yes, we do need the rain, or so I keep reminding myself! ♥

Cathi said...

I am so ready for the rain to stop. I know we needed it and all but my backyard is one big muddy mess! And I'm ready to spring clean and get my spring decorations out!

Jess said...

cute! I bet your house is lovely for the Easter time!

Have a great week
Love, Jess

Arlene Grimm said...

Loved seeing your Spring decorations. Since we are moving, I guess all my stuff will stay in a box this yr.

Jeanne said...

Hi Linda, your Easter finds are all adorable. I would say it was an estate sale success. My Easter things are all in the attic so this year I won't have much decorations going on for Easter. sigh. Sending my dh up there is way too painful. He can't (won't) find anything. LOL.

Rain may bring the flowers, lets hope so. We are beginning to bloom around here.

Hope all is well in SW Virginia.