Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Catching Up!

Seems like it has been forever since I posted!

One reason is that my camera broke! I loved my Kodak Easyshare and had had it for almost 4 years. I had 4 different people try to fix it, but was told it should just rest in peace.

So, I started shopping for another and after getting totally overwhelmed I decided to go with an upgraded version of the Kodak again and I LOVE it!

My plants that I started back in February are doing so well. I'm afraid maybe too well as they are almost the size to plant and I can't plant anything in my area until the end of April. I guess I will just keep transplanting the into bigger pots.
This weekend I went to a great estate sale! As one of my friends said the "dearly departed" and I must be kindred souls. There was so much neat stuff at this sale that I could have bought everything there! However, with limited finances that wasn't possible. But I did get some great finds.
Does this little pitcher look familiar? It is just like the green one that I bought last summer, except it is yellow.
Are these not the cutest little bunny egg holders? And that little red hooded doo dad (I don't even know what it is) was something I had to have because of the sweet look on her face.
The little rabbit carrying the broken egg on his back was so cute I couldn't resist.
Everyone needs a little girl with a blue flocked poodle on their bathroom shelf.

These lovely little ladies are my very favorite. The little Kewpie with the birthday hat on stole my heart! I also bought several more tiny little dolls that I didn't take a photo of.

The man who was in charge on the sale said that in two weeks there would be another one at the same place because the basement and guest house was packed! I can't wait!




Bovey Belle said...

Looks like you had SUCH fun at that sale Linda. It's great when you find someone collected the same things you do! Good luck at round two as well : )

Jeanne said...

Hi Linda, I am so pleased to see your comment. WOW! You find the neatest things. I can see you are partial to vintage smalls. Me too, I love everything you bought. Spring has begun to happen here in the mountains. Everything is flowering. Now I hope we don't have a late freeze. It does happen sometimes.
Thank you for your sweet comment about my porch. We enjoy it so much. It is still too chilly to go out there very much though.

take care.


Arlene Grimm said...

You find the neatest things Linda. Hope you can set out those plants soon. It is finally warming up here in Alabama.

Cathi said...

Dear Hubby and I have tried several times to start tomatoes and peppers from seed but we never can seem to time it right. Yours look great! Back to buying plants again, I suppose. sigh

nancy said...

Hi, LInda. YOu always find the most interesting things! The little doll, second from the right, looks to be a real Kewpie. I love them. I may be ready to start collecting them now, if I can find authentic ones. We'll see. What is that one made of?
The ones I remember best from my childhood were bought at the circus, attached to a little stick. They were made of an early type of plastic. I can see I'm gonna have to research these!

Leann said...

You are a lucky girl. Your new treasures are terrific. Good luck at the next sale!

Kelli said...

I'm glad you got a new camera and I enjoyed seeing your new treasures. The egg holders are so cute! I want to come shopping with you next time. :0)

Mrs.T said...

Love the bunnies... the egg holders and especially the one with the broken egg on his back. What a great sale! I can't wait to see what you find next time!

Jess said...

hope all is well with you and your family and that APril is starting off great. Have a good end of the week

love, Jess

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I like your little bunny egg cups too! You have a great vintage collection, such neat things!