Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Flowers

Good rainy, Wednesday morning.
While I am getting a little tired of all the rain that we have had lately, my flower garden is loving it.I
I love the bright, vibrant colors of these tiger lillies.
Painted daisies.

Snap Dragon.Rose Campion.

Please keep our family in your prayers as my uncle was killed in a tragic tractor accident yesterday in WV. He leaves behind a wife of 40 years, 3 daughters, and 1 very devoted grandson.




Libby said...

Your garden looks fabulous - love all the vibrant color *s*

So sorry to hear the news of your family's loss. You'll be in my thoughts.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Linda,

Wow - no rhubarb huh? I hope you get to try some because it is out of this world!!

Your garden is gorgeous!! The colors are so brilliant. It just makes me smile!!

I am so sorry about your about your Uncle. Your family is in my prayers.

hugs, Linda

Mrs.T said...


The flower garden is just gorgeous. I have some tiger lilies too but they are not out yet. Yours are so vibrant! I love that color of snapdragons, too. We also have been having tons of rain up here. Yesterday was the first completely sunny day in a very long time. Today there's the chance of showers again.

How very sad about your uncle, and just before Father's Day too. I will pray for your family. You all have had a difficult time of it.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table and leaving your thoughtful comment. I too miss everyone at Seasonal Delights and am so sad not to be able to visit there every day or two.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers for our unspoken situation. Please do keep on! It is likely to be ongoing for a long, long time, but I do want to share that we have seen two very big answers to prayer in that situation in the past few days. So your prayers are definitely being answered, and I thank you so very much for praying.

Have a wonderful day!

God bless,

nancy said...

Linda, I'm so very sorry and I have prayed for grace and comfort for the family.
Your flowers are beeyooteefull!
There's a teeny little meme on my blog today that I'd love to have you try.

Arlene Grimm said...
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Mountain Mama said...

I'm sorry about your uncle's accident. What a terrible thing to happen.
I pray God's peace and comfort for al of you.

Your flowers are gorgeous. I know what you mean about the rain. Unfortunately it makes the weeds really happy too. LOL!

Kelli said...

Gorgeous summertime flowers, Linda! I am sorry to hear about your uncle. I will say a prayer for your family. (((hugs)))

Holly said...

Hi, Linda! My flowers did not seem to like all the rain as much as yours did! Love the Pink/Yellow Snap Dragon best. I didn't plant any this year.

Even though I'm a little late, I'm so sorry about your Uncle. Your family is in my prayers. ♥

nancy said...

That is THE most FANTASTIC book! I'll definitely use it and I'll make you a little surprise! Thank you for the extrat goodies too. What a good friend you are.

Mom2fur said...

Just hopped over here from Sugarpie Farmhouse, mostly because you have "Sews" in your user name. I love your blog! Looking at all the vintage goodies brings back memories.
I'm not sure how to spell it, but the little mouse from Ed Sullivan was named Topo Gigio (Toe-Poe Gee Gee Oh)!
I had a Midge doll! (My sister always got the Barbie.) But she never had a glam dress like that lavendar one! Do you any sequins or tiny beads? A spray starting from one shoulder, crossing over to the opposite hip and then curling down the skirt would be pretty. Or some kind of corsage?

Mom2fur said...

BTW, I think you mentioned the accident at Sugarpie. How is everyone doing?

Amy said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Question..... I planted Tiger Lilies, they bloomed once, and haven't bloomed since, they are still very much alive, but no blooms.. go figure!

Leann said...

So sorry to hear about your Uncle. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

I'm so glad that I stopped by today. I have the Rose Companion in my beds, but never knew what it was called.

Enjoy your day!

happeningswithLana said...

Very sorry for your loss.

Garden is beautiful!!!

Jess said...

Praying for your family. I do hope all is well and that you had a good 4th...and have a great week ahead.

Gorgeous flowers.

Love, Jess

Zarebski said...

So nice pictures of your garden!! Yellow flowers are main attraction of your garden!!

Bovey Belle said...

After two months with largely no broadband, it will be fixed properly on Monday. Temp. connection at present. How lovely your garden is looking. Mum always had snapdragons in her garden when I was little and I have a few this year too.

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. Farm-related accidents happen all too often in the countryside.

Holly said...

Hey stranger! Ya ever gonna post again? ☺

hollyhappyhomemaker said...

Hey Linda You need to hop on over to holly happy home maker and see who won the giveaway !

Mrs. U said...

Your garden is so lovely! Sadly, I've neglected mine this year- I gave in to the heat and have stayed indoors too much!!!

I know you are enjoying the beautiful flowers!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

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