Monday, February 14, 2011

Late to the Party!!

I swear I had these ready and then totally got busy and forgot to post them!!!  These are my February tags for Elizabeth's Happy Homemake Tagalong Bluebird Papercreafts.

                I went with a pink and blue color scheme for my February Tags!  And a kitchen theme!
 Of Course I made two of them!!!  One for me and one to share!
No pictures of the process, but do I ever make a mess!
 I continued using my Mod-Retro stack.  How I love these papers!
                                           I did add some of this gorgeous glittey ribbon!
And here is my latest antique store find!  Another Big-Eared Mouse to go with my collection!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day!


~~Carol~~ said...

Your tags are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Your tags are adorable!! My craft palace looks like a bomb hits it when I'm creating!!
Your mouse kinda looks like Topo Gigio from the Ed Sullivan Show!

Creative Breathing said...

It's never too late to share such cuteness! I love that you showed your work area. Mine looks twice as messy when I am creating, but what fun. Thank you so much for joining me for this fun adventure. Happy Valentine's Day, Elizabeth

Nan said...

Glad you could join us on the tag making. Hope to seem more work on yours as the year goes on. Sweet little mouse there.

Mountain Mama said...

Those are cute Valentines. I still have a few oldies myself, but the ones I love most are those my little ones made for me.
I must say, the Bubble Gum on your banner was my favorite when I was a girl and I certainly chewed my share. I still love bubble gum and can blow bubbles inside bubbles. My grand and great grand kids think I'm one cool granny. LOL!