Friday, October 14, 2011

June??? Really??/ June??? or Welcome to Fall!

I can hardly believe that my last blog entry was in June!!!   Good Grief! 
I had an extremely busy summer!  My garden was just fantastic!  I truly had an over abundance of vegetables that I spent nights and weekends canning and still had plenty to give away to friends and family

 Lots of Pickles, both cucumber and beet!
 Zucchni relish, squash pickle, bread and butter pickle.....
 Canned tomatoes and pickled beets.......
 Tomatoes and cucumber galore!
 Lots of beautiful peppers!  Aren't those purple ones gorgeous?
One packed freezer!  I'm ready for winter!




Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

My goodness Linda, you really did have a bountiful crop this year. It's so beautiful. I loved seeing your chocked full freezer and those beautiful canned goods. Do you have a problem with deer in your area? We can't seem to have anything because of them. What veggies I grow are on pots in the deck these days.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I just took a look at your freezer! LOL! Well, I think you are setting a good example for the younger moms. I'm in charge of Provident Living for the ladies in my church and trying to inspire the "trendy mommies" is like pulling teeth. Keep up the good work! =D