Friday, October 28, 2011

Sweet and Spooky Dolls

TGIF!!!  It is a misty, cold, and dreary morning here in SW Virginia today.  The weathermen are even calling for snow in the mountains!   

A couple of weeks ago at the auction where we bought the Victorian buffet (a couple of posts below), they had several of these French boudoir dolls.  There was one in particular that I fell in love with because she looks like me!  Fate and luck were with me that day because I was able to buy her!  I would like for you to meet Bridget...
 Isn't she adorable with her hat and glasses?  And those hoop earrings, pink taffeta dress with lace insets!  I was so happy that I was getting to keep her but decided she shouldn't live alone, so I also bought a little lady I call Helene....
 Isn't she stunning with her blue polka dot dress with lacy slip and that jaunty red beret is just the cat's meow.  These dolls were made in the 1920's and are composition and cloth with painted features.  I had never seen any before except in pictures and really like them.  The auctioneer said he would have some more for auction next month as he had just grabbed a couple out of a house he said was totally full of dolls.  I can't wait until his next auction!
And this little lady was purchased simply because no one would bid on her and I stuck my hand up and said $1.00 and the auctioneer yelled SOLD!  I am so glad she got to come home with me.  She looks a little like one of the Little Women.  I named her Sally.  That was my great grandmothers name.

Now I have to say Yngwie and his friends do not like these dolls sitting around at all!  When he was home last weekend with friends they thought I just had them out as spooky Halloween decorations!  He also thinks it's weird that his 50 year old mom names her dolls.   My sister even said they were positively scary!  Really??  I think they are adorable!  I guess it's a matter of perspective.

I actually have NOTHING planned for this weekend.  WHOO HOO!!  A free weekend.  I am soooo looking forward to it! 


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Susan said...

I like your dolls - especially that first one and her beautiful dress. They're not scary at all!
Enjoy your free weekend,

Life with L said...

Your dolls are adorable....My cousin collects dolls too. They are charming, not scary.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Linda, What special dolls you have. I do like the first one best in her hat and glasses.
Sparkly Snow - I first seal eyes, nose, and mouth with craft varnish, but on hand clear finger nail polish works just as well.
Working quickly, I then use a med. sized pointed brush to paint on Modge Podge a section at a time beginning by painting around face features. (Elmers white glue/little water works just as well but does not dry instantly as MP does) Martha Stewart (Michael's) clear fine glitter is a must! It took me quite awhile not to be intimidated by it. Oh so worth the effort!
Laughing here! I promise you my crafts are all VERY easy. I am always in a hurry and glue on decorations before the glitter is even dry!
I do hope you give a go at making a snowman. Look for a very simple "head" snowman soon. A good beginner's project.
Always, Elizabeth

Tanya@takesix said...

Linda, beautiful dolls! I'm so glad you bid on the last one and took her home. I laughed right out loud when I read your comment on our blog that said you loved Halloween but dressed up as a gypsy every year!!! Too funny. Happy Halloween!!

Jill said...

I don't think your dolls are spooky at all-- I think the girls have style! Super cute!

lvroftiques said...

Linda I LOVE your dolls!! I collect boudoir dolls too and I do get lots of comments about them being creepy....I don't care! I think they're wonderful! Yours are such lovely examples. And I can't believe you got that wonderful Sally for only $!?? You stole her! Vanna