Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Fun!

Good Morning!  It's a blustery day in SW Virginia.  No snow yet!  Drat!  And of course we didn't have a white Christmas, but it was a beautiful sunny day!

My dear husband and son are the two most thoughtful gift givers in the world.  They really think about what I love and this year was no exception! 

All my life I have had an obsession with Teaberry gum!  I would search it out in little stores when I was a kid spending my hard earned allowance on it!  Then it became almost impossible to find.
At my grandparents farm, the teaberry plant grew wild in the hills by the creek and Grandma and I would hike up to her "secret" patch and chew the leaves or she would make tea from them!  I tried several times unsuccessfully to get the plants to grow at my house.

Then when I was a teenager (and a strange teenager who collected antique dishes) I found out that Teaberry gum had it's own Vaseline glass store display!  Unfortunately, it was way out of my price range to  purchase.  Every time I am at a antique store I look for the display dishes and they are always more than I can afford.  So you can imagine my surprise Christmas morning when I unwrapped this:

 You can't tell from my awful photo, but the base of the stand says Teaberry Gum!  Not only did he get the stand but found a small ruler and ledger book with the Teaberry advertising logo on it!  You can not imagine how excited I was!  Then to put the icing on the cake my son gave me this to match:
 A beautiful Vaseline glass cream pitcher!  I can not tell you how pretty this is!  I was so surprised!
So this weekend I am heading out to Cracker Barrel to get me a stash of Teaberry gum to put on my stand! 
I hope everyone had a happy Christmas!  Looking forward to a brand new year with no mistakes in it! Yet!



Shirley Hatfield said...

Your husband and son chose such a wonderful way to show how much they love you. It always lifts my spirits to read of such thoughtfulness. The Christmas spirit lives on through the year!

donna said...

What great gifts. That is such a WONDERFUL surprise. So glad you had a GREAT Christmas.