Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hello my name is Linda and I'm a Christmas decoration addict!

Does anyone know if there is a local chapter of Elves anonymous is SW Virginia??  I need an intervention!

This weekend Yngie and I went out to a local flea market where I had previously sworn I would never go again because of all the crappy, cheap, new junk that every vendor seemed to have.  But as usual I ate my words and went because I was looking for something "Harley" related for my Dad for Christmas. 

After perusing the "Biker" shop and finding absolutely nothing, I decided we could walk around a little.  I heard some Bing Crosby crooning from a downstairs basement shop and decided to follow the music.  Imagine my surprise when I walked upon a whole floor of a mother and son duo selling all vintage items!  No new junk and very reasonable prices as well.   I could have spent a fortune in there, however I don't have a fortune, so this is what I bought.

 Now depending on your taste, these are either "evil" looking pixies (so my son says) or absoultely adorable pixies (so I say)  either way there are making their home in my Christmas Happy Shelves.
How can you not love an elf on a shoe?
 It was so funny that the lady selling these elves insisted that the knee hugger elf HAD to remain in the creamer and wouldn't sell them separately.  However it was only $2.00 for the elf in the creamer so I was okay with that!
A cute little angel candle holder and Mrs Santa
 I think the mouse is from Cinderella but I'm not sure.  The angel is kind of weird.  She has a pipe cleaner body with a nylon bust and a china head.  Odd, but I loved her sweet face.

Chrismas decorations weren't all I bought.  Oh no!  I like to diversify!  I bought a box of paper dolls!

 This doll originally came with a record however it wasn't in the box with her but she has some beautiful clothes!

 These Shirley Temple dolls were in the same box, with her clothes too!
 Also Desi Arnez with some fabulous outfits.
 And this little doll just says Flowergirl and has the sweetest clothes.
And I'm not really sure who the singing cowboys are.  Maybe Gene Aurty?  I know it's not Roy Rogers and maybe they don't have names but I really like their outfits.  I'm thinking of framing these paper dolls and hanging them in my craft room.  Maybe an after Christmas project.
So, now I'm thinking about going back next weekend.  See!!!  I told you I need an intervention!



Shirley Hatfield said...

You really had a great thrifting day! I'm jealous of the paper dolls. Just think how much fun to frame. If Grandma Patta were still alive I would make her paper doll shadow boxes for her doll room. I think I'm going to hit a few thrift stores today. Thanks, Linda, for visiting me...I want you to know I read all your posts and enjoy getting to know you.

retrorevival.biz said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE all of your elves! Even the "evil" looking ones ~ ha! No, they don't look evil at all.


Leann said...

Hi Linda

It's been awhile since I paid you a visit. I think the pixies are adorable! Our sons make comments on my doll heads:)

Enjoy shopping!


Little Susie Home Maker said...

You have a great collection! so cute. I like the Mrs. Claus the most!
Merry Christmas,