Thursday, January 26, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

Last Saturday was a cold and rainy day and I decided it was a good day to hit an estate sale that I had seen advertised in the paper.  I hooked up my handy, dandy GPS (what did I ever do without it?) and headed to town.

The first thing I noticed as I went in was a small box of vintage patterns sitting on the display case.  So I went though them and only selected two. (The ones in my last post) But... I thought if there are patterns there must be more sewing stuff!  I asked someone and they said there was some sewing stuff in the basement.  There was an entire room devoted to sewing!  I rummaged through the fabric and found a few pieces of interest and then I saw the box of patterns!  I was so excited!  Unfortunately, they were all very ugly patterns from the 1980's.  Drat!  There was no prices on the fabric and I was told a lady in the den was pricing everything.  When I went over there I saw a pile of vintage patterns along with a pile of vintage fabric.  Then I realized someone else had them!  Someone beat me to them.  I said out loud (apparently), DRAT!  Then the girl who had that pile of goodies turned around and I realized it was my niece!  She had picked all the vintage patterns out and was getting them.  Disappointment turned to happiness quickly!

I also bought a few vintage Christmas items to add to my ridiculous volume of decorations that I already have.
Isn't she beautiful?  An Inarco planter filled with some fake plastic greenery!  I love this piece.  She is rather large and I probably over paid for her ($12) but when I saw her lovely face, I knew she would be coming home with me.

Another Santa planter, again filled with the ever popular plastic greenery!
And this next item is just bizarre.  Even for me..  Which is exactly why I bought it.

Looks like a big jumble of stuff, right?  It's actually some kind of gold metal Chirstmas tree shaped thing and someone has hung tiny model T cars on it!  There was a lot of model T stuff in the house, so I am guessing they must have owned one at one time.  But this was just too cute to leave!

I don't think I am going to leave the cars on the tree like they are, or maybe I will, I haven't decided yet!  I think the tree is supposed to hold Christmas cards.  When DH saw this come in the door he just rolled his eyes and shook his head.  After 31 years of marriage, he still never knows what I might come dragging home!

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Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Vee said...

Oh I love the story of your niece getting to the good stuff first. That must have made it all right.

Lovely vintage planters...the blond Christmas girl is sweet.

c. Joy said...

How funny that it was your niece buying the same things you like. I love coincidences like that. Cute Christmas stuff. Makes me want to head out and find a garage or estate sale in my part of the world.

LV said...

No matter where you shop, you find the off season things cheaper. You did very well on your finds.

Mountain Mama said...

I had to laugh when you told that your niece had beat yu to the vitage patterns. HAHAHAHA So you can borrow them. How fun. I haven't been to an estate sale in ages. Hopefully in the spring...
I love the girl planter. It will be fun to work with.

A Mother and A Daughter said...

Fabulous finds!