Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Larry, the Long Eared Rabbit

Sometimes craft projects just go awry.  Take for instance this one.  A couple of years ago I bought a whole stack of the old Stitch and Sew magazines.  I love old magazines, I love to sew, so I figured these would be perfect for me.

While cleaning out my craftroom I wondered if I needed to keep all these magazine because I have probably 20-25 of them.  So I reasoned with myself that if I make at least one thing out of each magazine, then they would be a keeper.  So I started with the magazine above and decided to make this rabbit
Pretty simple in design ( I forgot to photograph the second page of the pattern) and I was happy that the pattern was full size, something very rare in older magazines.  They show them on graph paper and you have to increse them.  Imagine how hard that was in the days before copiers!
Anyway, I cut out all my pieces and started sewing.  The very first instruction is the one that I failed.  Sew the felt ear with the fabric ear, right sides together and turn.  The sewing part I got, the turning part not so much.  I tried for at least 45 minutes to get one ear turned and could NOT do it to save my life.  It just wouldn't turn and I don't own one of those "turning" things.  So I gave up and cut out the ears again and sewed them on the right side out.  Easy peasy.  Except this gave poor Larry gigantic ears!

Poor Larry!  He doesn't seem to be very happy with his ears!
"What are you looking at!  Haven't you ever seen a big eared, pink floral rabbit before"!

So this is a crafting fail.  Although Larry will become a part of my Easter decorations, because once I've made something with a face, I can't throw it away!
(Larry also doesn't like the fact that he is pink and male, but he will just have to get over that stereo-type!)
Hope everyone has a great Hump Day.



Shirley Hatfield said...

I was writing a reply to your comment to me, when I realized it was "no-reply." I hope you don't mind if I leave it here on your comments.

"Our Cemetery Committee puts on a historical pageant in the cemetery every summer. I was the writer for over 10 years. Sometimes, walking along the boulevards and among the graves, it's almost as if you can hear them whispering "tell my story, too." There is such a feeling of satisfaction when you've taken an incident from someone's life and constructed a small one-act play. Then when the family sees it, they can comprehend that their ancestor was a real live person and not just a birth and death date on a headstone. It only takes a couple of generations to be forgotten. I hope my grandchildren will remember me. Sorry to get all philosophical on you...I really meant to tell you that I enjoyed your adventures in rabbit making...made me smile at his silly ears! =D"

Shirley Hatfield said...
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E said...

That's it !! I never thought of the face factor but you hit it the nail on the head for me ... apparently I connect if it has a face and it's with me forever. I bet there is a market for a self-help book on the subject lol !! You took it a step beyond with the name Larry, now that's just too cute and so is he :) Elaine

Betsy said...

Oh he's so cute! I love his long ears--kind of like Dumbo. He has real personality!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh how I laughed at those ears....because it would be something I would do. But I just love him!!! Please keep that dear sweet little guy as is. :)