Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Marty Mouse-Vintage Magazine Craft of the Month!

Good Morning!  The sun is shining brightly today in SW Virginia with a forecast of 58 degrees!  This has been the warmest winter I can remember and I am NOT complaining!

So keeping on track with making at least one project out of all those vintage magazines I bought, this weekend I decided to use the McCalls Needlework and Crafts Fall and Winter 1974-1975.  I would have been 13 years old when this magazine came out!

Anyway after glancing through I decided to make the yo-yo mouse.  That's him down there on the right standing next to that freaky upside down clown thing.  Did you know I HATE, no loathe, clowns?    I debated on making the dog but the mouse's little yo-yo ears just called my name.

So I chose to make him with a valentine theme to add to my decorations in my Happy Shelves and here is how he turned out!
I used a fabric remnant with white hearts for his body and ears.  His face and yo-yo hands and feet are made with solid red fabric.  I happened to have some shiny red pipe cleaners in my stash and used those to give him a little bling for this arms and legs.

I really like how he turned out!

I added a little red button detail to his already adorable ears.

Here are a couple of other "lovely" items that I could have chosen to make

I'm sure my dear husband and son would have loved for me to make them these sweaters but unfortunately, I can't knit.

I actually do like these little bibs, except that string around the neck looks dangerous to me!

I do wish I could knit!

I am joining Cozy Home Scenes for her Cozy Home Party!  You can find her and other wonderful home and craft ideas here http://cozyhomescenes.blogspot.com/

Hope everyone has a fantabulous day!



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just love Marty the mouse! You are so smart to make him...and even cuter, too! ♥

Ann said...

He's really cute. Perfect for the love month.

Princess.Designs said...

Your Valentine mouse is adorable!

I am learning to crochet, you should learn to knit! Its going pretty good so far, I am on my second project. :O)

Shannon @ COZY HOME SCENES said...

Hi Linda-

I had to giggle at the men's jackets. My mom used to make most of our clothes in the 70's. She didn't knit, but those jackets remind me of one she made for my dad. She has a picture of him in it and says she doesn't know what she was thinking.

Love the yo yo ears and the sweet little bead nose on your mouse, I'm never that creative or patience to make animals or dolls, but your little mouse is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Thank you so much for joining my party and showing off your crafty talents. I hope you'll come back next week (or whenever you can) to share something else.

The Cranky Queen said...

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Thanx, tiffany