Thursday, July 12, 2012

Craft Room Banner

Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

I have had a good week so far and am cautiously keeping my fingers crossed.  The muscle relaxers and the "Linda" relaxers seem to be doing their jobs.  I was supposed to take this week off from work, however we had too many people out on vacation and after last weeks power outage we were a week behind and I just couldn't.  My doctor had a fit but I promised to take on things just one at a time and I have been doing just that and so far so good!

Last weekend while recouping at home in the blistering heat I was thinking about the banner swap that Elizabeth at Creative Breathing was doing with some of the amazing, creative ladies around blogland and decided to make a banner for my craftroom too. 

The actual banner in the pretty aqua, red and white I bought at Walmart in the dollar section!!  Then I just added the paper cutouts and embellishments.  Like this cute little apple valentine. favorite fruit!  And I love rick-rack.  My Great Aunt used to put it on the dresses she made me.

This little lady seems to be in a hurry.  That's my problem.  I'm always in a hurry.  I need to learn to slow down....  or as my Aunt Nadene says "Linda, you need to pipe down!, you always go in a run and come in a trot"

A boy and his dog..  Reminds me on my Sweet, and Dear Son...

A sweet miss on her phone.  Did you know I hate to talk on the phone?  I have always hated to talk on the phone.  Can't tell you why.....

My Mom was a seamstress in a sewing factory when I was growing up and never taught me to sew.  I guess she had enough sewing at work!  My Great Aunt Clara tried, bless her soul!    My mother in law taught me to sew when I first got married.  I was hooked after the first stitch!

I've got a ticket to ride!  I love to drive.  If we are going on a road trip, I'm behind the wheel because I love to drive!   Thanks for the ticket, Tammy!

Not only does LBP sew, but LBP loves to cook!  I learned to cook from my dear Grandmother pictured above and from my Great Aunt Clara whom I lived with some when I was growing up.

Yeah, I hope I'm on the mend!  Lot's on Doctor's appointments ahead.  I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I hung my banner over my sewing machine and as always I'm the world's worse photographer because I have so much junk pinned to the quilt hanging behind my machine.  There are letters I had written to my mom when she was sick in the hospital, notes she had written on button cards, pictures of my son, my medals from running (will I ever get to do that again?), craft ideas, etc... but it's my space and I like it!

And my sweet sister bought me this Lucy candle holder dated 1972, that she bought at an Estate sale last weekend because she calls me Lucy (I was the bossy big sister), and I just love it!




Pixie said...

Here's to your improved health! i love your banner...the colours are just perfect!


Shirley Hatfield said...

You sweet girl, I am so sorry you missed on the friendship banner exchange...but it is an ongoing thing with no deadline. If you would like to swap with me, I'd be pleased as punch! =D Your darling banner is so cute and colorful...just the thing to brighten up your day!

Tammy's in Love said...

You did a great job on your first banner! Some of my favorite graphics! Do you have a red button to add to that button card? There is a whole set of the button cards and they came with REAL buttons! I love the colors! FUN, FUN, FUN till Daddy takes the T-bird away!


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Such a cute banner. Poop. I've really gotta start swapping again.
As for whether we let Ted out of the castle, well, we had no choice. He was the one holding the keys!!!

craftyles said...

Your banner is the cutest. I love all the vintage pic's and the cute little trims that you added. I really need to try to make one of those.Glad you're on the mend-don't over do!

Perfectly Printed said...

What a great banner!! I love it and it looks great above your sewing machine!! So glad you're feeling better!


Nan said...

Linda I hope you get some really good help with this doctor.
I love your banner. I'm in an exchange with E. and also Renee D. Take Care Nan

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Linda, Hope you are doing better from your migraine. I had a three day migraine that started on the 4th. I have heard quite a few people with the same, kinda weird. But hope you are feeling all better. love the banner you made! It is so inspiring! I keep seeing all these cute banners in blog-land, and think I better give it a try! I love your inspiration and story that goes with each triangle!
Bless you,