Thursday, August 02, 2012

Paper Crafts by my Grandma Bird

Good Morning All,

I was so surprised when I logged on this morning to find out that I had won the giveaway from Kim !  I am giddy with excitement!  I have been away from my blog because of the ever present migraine and because I am pretty sure the doctors are going to need to change my meds for my anxiety issues.  That is really hard for me to put out in the open.  I have never had to take any type of medication for anxiety before these migraines flared up like they have this summer.  Now it seems they have caused me to worry not only about my migraines, but everything.  This has never been a problem in the past.  Now I seem to "make up" stuff to worry about.  It's just crazy!  I will be talking to my Dr. about this.  Anyway, everytime I thought about doing a blog post, I got nervous about it, so I just didn't log on.  I know, crazy...

My sister is trying to research our father's side of our family and is really having a hard time.  He is an only child and is the only living relative and there isn't a lot of online information and she's hit a brick wall on and with the library.  So she asked me if I would look through our Grandmother's scrapbooks and Bible's (I kept them when she passed away) and see if there was anything written down about our great-great grandfather in any of the Bibles.  There wasn't, however in a bag I found these great table place cards.  I do remember her and some other ladies making things for these luncheons.  I don't remember if it was these cards are not.

Grandma lived in a very rural area in Giles county Virginia in a farming community called White Gate.  Every so often the Extension Homemakers would meet and have a luncheon.

Whooooo????  I am so glad that she kept these......This owl made of felt is so cute.
This one  had little seeds making the flower on the side.

Wow.  Someone took a lot of time to hand draw the building where they met, for each card.  This would have been in the 1970's so I'm not sure that they would have had access to a photo copier.

Some were less elaborate than others, but look at the calligraphy handwriting...

A little window scene with a hand drawn flower pot and fabric curtains and my favorite... rick rack!

Is this not just adorable?  Felt hat with ribbon and flowers...but I saved my favorite for last.....

Can you imagine making at least 20 of these????  Her name is on the back of this...  It is made of yellow construction paper and black felt with gold trim.  There are little gold sequins in the center of the wheels.

While I was unable to come up with any information for my sister, I was glad that I found these.



Tammy's in Love said...

What a lucky find in your very own house! Makes me wanna go clean the storage area and see what I have that I forgot about!

Nan said...

How sweet you have all this stuff. Hope things work out with the doctors I think of you quite often and how you are doing.

craftyles said...

Those are such a treasure. What detail on them. Hope you can find some answers to your ancestry wall and your migraine issues.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What treasures! And congrats on the giveaway win. You'll get a package filled with fun from Kim! said...

Really sweet treasures:)