Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blogging Friends are the Best!

Good Hump Day!!  Mike, Mike, Mike... What day is it???  Hump Day!  LOL!

The other day I blogged about my Spoolie Swap partner not getting back with me on the swap and I was okay with that.  Life happens, you forget stuff.  No big deal, I made myself a spoolie and life is good.  However, Pam who blogs at Virginia Retro contacted me and said she would like to send me a tag.  I thought that was sooo sweet of her.  Little did I suspect that this box of goodies was headed my way!
Tag?  This is no tag, this is a treasure trove! 
Of my heavens, look at that sweet face on the spoolie that Pam sent to me!  It is so adorable
Lot of tags!
Lots of ribbon, lace and buttons for crafting
vintage playing cards, candlewicking yarn, cupcake liners, coasters, etc..
It just goes on and on.
I was like a kid at Christmas opening all this stuff!
And look at this Valentine!  So pretty, it's hanging in my dining room!
This vintage Fondue dish towel reminded me that I have a avocado green fondue pot in my pantry that I'm going to pull out for Valentines Day.  I'm thinking chocolate fondue and fruit!
What a thoughtful, generous blogger, and fellow Virginian!
Thank you so much Pam you have no idea how surprised and thrilled I was with your package!
We are hunkering down for the "Blizzard of 2014" The weather lady says 8-14" inches of snow today through tomorrow.  That's a lot here in Southtown!
Happy Humpday!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Pam is such a sweetheart. So many lovely things. What a wonderful friend. Blogging friends really are the most generous of friends. Happy Valentines! Enjoy making that fondue!


That was very kind and very sweet of Pam! Lots of goodies to brighten your Valentine's day!

Debby said...

That's a sweet friend. I wonder if the partner you had was one that bailed on my swap.Your spoolie looks like a clown and of course, I love clowns.
Hope you make it through the storm okay.

Patti said...

Look at all those bits of sweetness! You have been hugged by the Sweet Pam, for sure!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Aw shucks Linda, I'm blushing! LOL! I didn't expect you to blog about it, very sweet of you. It makes me happy that you liked everything. I'm only sorry I used up the Valentine crafting stuff so had none to send.

Hope you still have power from that storm. We had so much rain when the snow was done, it washed it all away. Of course, it's much warmer over here on the coast, however predicting more snow and ice for later. Dang winter.

Hugs, Pam

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Pam is so sweet!!! You really did get a whole bunch of goodies and treasures!! Puts a smile on my face too!! :) Hope you stay warm and cozy with all that snow coming in!! Our is all sticking around, walking in the yard it's past my knees(makes for walking a bit hard! Lol) Valentine hugs!! xo Holly

Lady Linda said...

Hi Linda...what a sweetie! It's so nice to hear such fun stories. I thought about you when I saw the news out here in Oregon. have had quite a winter.
ENJOY all your goodies.
Fun fun fun.
Linda Lou

Nicki said...

When I think of vintage Valentines, I immediately think of you and your blog. Hope you had a most enjoyable Valentines (oh, and your son isn't the only silly out there in shorts - must be a teen boy thing).