Monday, March 05, 2007

Bunnies and Cookies

Good Morning!
This week end was pretty busy, but I was able to get some crafting done. I made the above "Bunny Garland" using a free pattern I picked up at Hancock's. I used blue and white toile so they would match my kitchen. It was a fun and quick project!
I Love Easter! I love that it comes in spring, I love the pretty pastel colors of Easter candy, I love lillies, the Easter Bunny, the words "new Easter dress", just everything about it in general! I guess that is what prompted me to make the Easter M & M cookies in the top picture. These are so good!
And one of the most exciting parts of this weekend was that my DH tilled the garden for me! This is a huge deal because he hates to garden! But he did it and now it's all ready for planting.


see you there! said...

Hi LBP, and thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself.

Your Bunny Garland is so cute. I see some terrific blue and white china on the wall too. I collect blue and white china and have tons of Willow Ware from various eras and by various makers. My kitchen itself is blue and white and I'm guessing maybe yours is also.

Smiled at your "new Easter dress" comment. How well I recall those, I was always tickled to get something new but often times they were "itchy"... those were the years of heavy starch and nylon net, LOL!


Aunt Jenny said...

I love those cookies! I may just have to borrow that idea for my cubscouts to do sometime before Easter..hmmm that is soon now, isn't it?? We will be on vacation ON Easter.
I loved reading your blog!!
Your grandma sounds like a wonderful woman..what an inspiration. I miss my grandma every single day.

Naturegirl said...

Tilled your garden!!That means that spring is there. I am leaving the sun this weekend and know when I get home to Canada it will still be freezing temps!I should just absorb myself in Easter projects as you have!

FourSistersInACottage said...

OOOO Your cookies look so YUMMY!!!
If we lived closer I would come over and have some with you!!!
The bunny garland is too cute, now to just learn to sew!!!
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Susan P. said...

Those yummy M and M cookies are making me hungry! So pretty AND tasty which is a great combination! LOL Your bunny garland is just adorable:) I loved your comment about the new Easter dress. I remember getting new patent leather shoes,matching purse, gloves, hat and even a frilly new slip to go along with my new dress!

LBP said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. I am new at this blogger stuff, but I really enjoy reading so many beautiful blogs!

Have a great day.

Mindy said...

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments! I've enjoyed reading your blog and love your pictures! The bunny garland is so cute! Have a wonderful week!

Kelli said...

Hi LBP, thank you for visiting my blog and the sweet comments! The cookies looks yummy and I love the little bunnies. Blue and white toile is one of my favorite patterns!
How exciting about your garden! It's been warm here in Texas and I've been working out in the gardens this week too! Have fun!

Patty said...

Those cookies look so good !
The bunny garland is so cute. I am a fan of easter too. So many pretty colors and bunnies are so cute.

Rhonda in OK said...

I am just ditto-ing the other comments but those cookies look so good!
I guess as the seasons change, we are also looking to change colors with them.