Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Veggie Tales

This is the gourd that ate New York city! Well, maybe not New York city, but it has taken over a huge amount of my garden. See that litle tee pee trellis, I thought the gourd would grow up that, but no... The gourd is everywhere! And it has the cutest little gourds on it!
Does anyone here grow hubbard squash? This is my first year and I have no idea when to harvest them. Is there a certain color?

My glads are really pretty this year, unfortunately I have to move them! They decided to come up through my rose bush, which I'm moving as well. My husband always jokes to me about me playing "musical plants" because I move them around frequently, looking for that perfect spot. Can you see the blue dolphin that jumped out of the pool to smell the glads?
My Dad and I always have a friendly rivalry when it comes to growing tomatoes. We both want to be the first to have a tomato by the 4th of July. Well I picked this little tomato last night! I might be cheating just a little because it is not totally red yet, but it was lying on the ground and I was afraid it would rot. I tried to call my Dad, but he wasn't home, to rub in the fact that I have the first tomato this year!
My squash and cucumber are very prolific this year! I have picked over 2 bushels of cucumber and probably that much of squash. I am also starting to get a few green peppers and jalapeno peppers as well. Looks like some fresh salsa will be in order!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!



smilnsigh said...

Your glads are beautiful!

And I see much Zuchinii Bread in your future! :-)


~ Janice ~ said...

Look at that garden produce! How wonderful you are harvesting all of those goodies already! :o) The glads are beautiful and I got a real smile out of your hubby saying you play musical plants! Have a happy 4th!

Jodi said...

Gourds run amuck! ;o)

Gorgeous glads ... congrats on your tomato competition ... looks like your going to have a bountiful harvest! :o)

Lori B said...

I love that title: Veggie Tales! Wow! Your garden is doing so well. The only things we are getting out of ours so far are lettuce and now as of yesterday peas and beans. We ate fresh green beans yesterday and they were so yummy.

Amy said...

Oh I would love to have a vege garden like yours, good for you :-)

PEA said...

Runnnnn, we're being attacked by gourds!!!! hehe Wow, it's growing like our pumpkin plants usually grow...we didn't plant any pumpkins this year though. Your garden is really doing super and I'm soooo envious that you're already eating from it..ours won't be ready for a few more weeks yet! I'm bad for moving plants around too! lol xoxo

Tracy said...

Love the title! Your garden and produce look great!

Kelli said...

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful garden and harvest. That tomato is definitely red enough to
win. ;0)
Your glads are gorgeous!!

Lynne said...

Wow-a fantastic garden! I haven't harvested anything yet. Maybe in a week or two-can't wait for that first tomato!