Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lake Fun!

We finally got our boat back from the shop and were out of the lake early today! It was a little overcast when we left but we were so excited to finally have our boat back we took off anyway. Yngwie had a friend down and they rode the knee board and wake boards. I rode a knee board once a very long time ago. I got up the first time. The second time the knee board slipped out from under me and broke 3 ribs. Haven't been on one since, thank you very much!

We were out for about 30 minutes when along came the rain. It has rained and stormed here every day for the last week. Not the good soaking rains. Just torrential rains and winds, and lightning. We came back in for about and hour and I swam around in the pool after the rain stopped while the boys did some adjustments on an old knee board. They were trying to see if this new "contraption" they made out of a bucket and some lexan would help the knee board "foil" or lift up out of the water. As you can see, that was one experiment gone bad! Nobody could even ride it then!

The garden is doing so good! I love fresh squash and cucumbers! I have always loved cukes, but when I was pregnant I craved them cut up with vinegar over them. DH was afraid our baby would be born pickled!

Now the sun is setting over the lake and the skys are blue and tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day for the first day of July. Looking forward to celebrating our nations independence this Wednesday. We will be having a cookout for friends and family and then riding down to a local marina to watch the fireworks over the lake! Weather permitting of course!

Hope everyone has a blessed week-end!


Amy said...

sweet! I've never been water skiing!

Sheri said...

Looks like a very nice lake! I grew up on a small lake in Iowa, and have such fond boating memories. And, congratulations on your harvest!

Happy 4th of July too!

Tracy said...

This looks like a lovely day! I love cukes too!

PEA said...

I've never attempted to waterski in my life and I don't intend to start now...I want to keep my bones intact!! LOL My sons love to waterski though:-) Sounds like you all had a great day even though it rained! Oh wow, I'm so envious you're eating veggies out of your garden already...ours was just planted a couple of weeks ago so it's got a ways to go yet before it produces! xox

Lori B said...

What a fun weekend!

Wow your garden is doing well.

Kelli said...

It looks like a fun day!! Your vegetables look great and I had to chuckle about the pickled baby. :0)

Jodi said...

Mmm ~ boys tinkering and experimenting ... lol ~ that sounds familiar. Looks like a lovely day on the lake!

Dannielle said...

I am soooo jealous!! I've been eating zucchini and squash like crazy but I've had to buy all mine.