Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Fall! Or is it?

Yesterday was the first day of fall according to the calendar. You know, fall with it's cool temperatures, foggy morning air, crisp evenings. Well apparently someone forgot to tell Mother Nature because yesterday it was 92 degrees and humid! It is 70 degrees this morning with an expected high of 87 today.
Saturday morning I planted some giant allium and some daffodils like these:
I can hardly wait till spring so that I can see them bloom. It takes a great faith to plant an ugly bulb in the ground and know that in the spring it will produce such a beautiful bloom!

Yesterday, we decided to go out of the lake for the afternoon. Yngwie and his friend "tubed" almost the entire time we were boating.

They learned that it is almost impossible to stand on a tube when it is in motion and that it is quite possible to make one fly!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


smilnsigh said...

Sorry Autumn has not arrived in your neck of the woods yet. But you do seem to have ways to enjoy the lingering hot weather. :-)


Susie said...

It's warm here too (high 80's today)
That daffodil will be just gorgeous come spring!
Looks like a fun time out on the water!!

Lovella said...

This morning I was looking at American weather admiring the warm temperatures. You deserve a pat on the back for getting out there to plant bulbs when it still feels like summer.

We are having a bit of snow in the mountains, down in the valleys its still just sweater weather.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Linda, Nice to meet you and so happy you visited my blog. I am in Va. too and's still very warm but too many leaves were falling in the pool and hubby was anxious to close it. You have a very sweet blog and I love your flow blue. I see the platters priced into the hundreds these days. Welcome at theVintageNest anytime. ~ Lynn

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

It does take faith to plant ugly and hope for beauty.
I always think of how prayer over rough stuff is like that. Bury the ugly in the lap of God and watch for a beauty at a later date. I often plant bulbs if I'm going through a rough passage, by the time they bloom, I'm alway surprised at how things have changed.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my tall girl rant. I'm 5'9" too.
We have a lot in common!
The pattern for the cap is found here:

It is a super tutorial, and the cap actually only needs less than a quarter yard to make. It's a great way to use up left over fabric. I'm totally hooked!

Julie said...

Hi Linda! I just LOVE your allium..I planted some this year but they never came up !! not a thumb is every colour but green!!
Looks like fun on the water...a little too risky for me!! plant my feet on solid ground!!

Thank-you for visiting my blog and commenting...I appreciate it and I enjoyed my return visit!!

Lori said...

It is fall here too.
Such crazy weather though. One day it will be in the 60's or 70's and the next in the 80's to almost 90 degrees and then some days get down to 40 degrees at night.
No wonder we are getting sick with colds.

Looks like a very fun time at the lake. That picture says it all.
Bet you had a fun time.

PEA said...

We're lucky to reach 65 over here these days! We've had frost a couple of mornings and the trees are really changing colours so Autumn has certainly arrived here! Hopefully it will arrive where you live soon!! Hey at least with the hot weather you're still having, there's lots of tubing going on yet:-) xox

Trudi A said...

Autumn hasn't arrived here either. It is suppose to cool off in the next few days, but we had a record high yesterday. 92 degrees. That's insane! Thanks for posting the flowers you planted. I want to plant some Allium and would have forgotten. Sigh, blogging can be so great!