Monday, September 17, 2007

Memories Monday

Revee at is hosting Memories Monday. Pop in over there and take a peek!

This somewhat grainy photo of my family was taken at my Grandmothers house on Christmas morning in 1969. I am the one standing holding the big walker doll.

I remember this Christmas because this was the year that we went to my grandparents house instead of them coming to our house. See the little Charlie Brown tree in the background. My Grandfather had cut it the day before and since Grandma had given my parents all their ornaments, Grandma cut up Christmas cards and punched holes in them and put them on the tree.

But this memory isn't about the tree or Christmas, it's about the doll.

Her name was Lori Walker and I absolutely loved her! She went with me everywhere. She could wear childrens clothing and I would go to the Goodwill or rummage sales and get her "new" outfits.

One day I decided she needed a new hair style. So I washed her hair and then I did something that would change her appearance forever, I rolled it up with curlers and stuck her under the hair dryer. She had nylon hair, guess what happened? It burned up! It was a frizzled mess! I was so upset!

I worked and worked with her hair to try and get it looking better, after much styling, I had her hair looking a little better. My dad worked 2nd shift so he wasn't home during the day when I was, so I left Lori sitting on the kitchen table with a note attached to her asking my Dad how he liked her new hairstyle, still apprehensive about the "frizzled" look. The next morning when I got up, he had put a grocery bag over her head!

I cried and cried about her hair, but there was nothing that could be done.

I still have Lori Walker, she now resides in my attic, without the paper bag.




Lori said...

Love this "Memories Monday" post. I saw it on Kelli's site too.
It was fun to see the pic of your family.

I may have to join in when I find time.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. So sorry. I have had a hard time getting around to everyone's sites and a hard time posting as you can see.
I'm busy catching up on everyone's sites today.

Revee said...

Oh Linda, this was a wonderful memory post! I said Ah, OOOH, and even became teary-eyed about your doll's mishap. It's so nice that you still have your doll. Have you ever considered getting her hair rerooted?

Thanks so much for sharing!

Libby said...

What a wonderful memory *s* We've all suffered bad hair days . . . just like Laurie Walker.

Andrea said...

Wonderful post. Memories give me a warm feeling inside. :)

Alice said...

Sweet memories. I had to laugh when I read your dad put a bag over your doll's head. Such a sense of humor.

Sondra said...

What a great doll! How funny that your dad but a bag on her head :)
That is such a sweet memory.

Tami said...

Great story. I think we've all had bad hair days, but I can't believe your dad put a bag over her head. I would have cried, too. It's funny now though. I'm glad to hear you still have her. I still have many of my old dolls.

Kelli said...

What sweet memories but how sad for you and your special doll when her hair got ruined. I would have cried about the paper bag too! I'm glad that you still have Lori Walker!

PEA said...

I felt sad that the doll's hair had gotten ruined but I couldn't resist a giggle when I read how your dad had put a bag over her head! hehe It's something my dad would have done! lol I remember having a favourite doll also and how one day my youngest brother decided she needed a haircut..I came home from school to find that her bangs had been cut completely off!! Yes, my brother is still alive! lol xox

smilnsigh said...

-giggles- Such a cute memories story.


Susie said...

I can only imagine how bad you felt to frizz your doll's hair..
Your Dad sounds like he loved to joke. Mine was (is) the same way..

Anonymous said...

How neat. I laughed at the hair ordeal because I tortured many dolls in the past with idea!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I my word, I must admit I did have to laugh....I know that at the time I would have cried...but it was so funny now!!
(ps about the pumpkins...I bet you have cucumber beetles that eat the flowers...we spray an organic mixture almost daily to keep them away!) Dianntha

Beach Girl said...

I had to doll hair memory was with my Barbie and her friends. I seemed to think that I could cut off all of their hair and make wigs so then they could change their look. It changed their a big way! LOL