Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gardening News

My Peter Rabbit garden is coming along nicely. As you can see Peter is patiently waiting for the radishes, lettuce and spinach to get big enough to nibble on. The parsley and chives are flourishing, but he doesn't seem to want to try that.Do you see him peeking through the chives?

I am also posting these next two photos for HELP!

I am totally befuddled as to what to do with this area. It is a brick walk on the side of the pool house that is pretty much shaded until late evening. There is a small brick "stoop" that opens to nothing. Please ignore the water hose, we are filling the pool. I thought about hosta for along the brick wall, but they are the preferred apetizer for the deer that run amuck in our area. I also would like some color along that brick wall. I am willing to dig, move bricks, whatever it would take to make this area look more inviting. My son Ynwie is painting the gate and gate posts this week, so that will help some.

So if anyone out there has any ideas, I would surely appreciate them!




Jo Anne O. said...


The first thing I though of were hosta, love them! They come in several different colors besides just green...but in a wonderful blend of shade running from chartruse to a deep blue. If the deer love them, then I suggest going to your local garden center and asking them. Tell them you want color and tell them about your problem with deer. There is also a spray that you can get to chase them off...I too have deer problem and am thinking of getting the deer spray again as it really works!

Cardinal flowers are great for a shady area as are goats beard and some astilbe. Cardinal flowers also thrive in clay and damp soils. Good luck!

Jean said...

Astilbe and also bleeding heart like the shade. Ferns would also be pretty against the brick wall. You can get some color variation in them. I have a burgundy one that is beautiful.Thanks for stopping by. Your show and tell flowers are beautiful! Our spring is just getting started.

Barbara said...

Hi! nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I have just been browsing through your posts of this year. Read your meme with interest. I see sad times and good times.
I have been to Roanoake once b uit only stayed one night so did not see much of it.
Your friend Joanne suggested Hostas for your shaded area. I had a wonderful mixed show of hostas once and they are fine as long as you watch for the slugs and snails.

Libby said...

I wish I had a good idea for you - we have a similar area that is just as uninviting as can be. Every year I try to think of something. Right now there is just a pile of rocks and more hope that maybe this year is the year that it will beautify *s*

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hi! It was so nice of you to visit me today and leave a comment. I never take those lightly.

Your garden is coming along beautifully. Love the rabbit peeking over the top.

Wish that I had wonderful suggestions for your space, but beyond those you've already received I don't. (I adore astilbe.)

Have a wonderful evening!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful backyard! I do not know anything about landscaping, but it seems like several big cement pots would be pretty there spaced out evenly with pretty flowers in all of them. I don't know! You have a great place though!

:0) Sharon

Kelli said...

Your Peter Rabbit garden is doing really well, Linda! Very nice and green.

The first thought I had about that little space is to bring more of the same bricks as in the pathway and make a little sitting area. You may already have one though..hmm...I'll let you know if I come up with something else!

MammyT said...

Hi LInda,
I love Kelli's idea about bricking in a portion of the area. We have an area that looks so similar (without the bricks) and seems to have exactly the same kind of light. We bordered the shady area with Impatiens last year and they went absolutely wild, filling in every little space. They were so gently colorful and are low-growing. I could see containers of them in strategic spots on the brick or along the bottom of the brick wall. I don't know if the deer would like them. It sounds like a fun problem to solve.

LBP said...

Thanks so much for everyones responses!

How I would love to have the hosta, but I think they are the deers' favorite foods. I may get a couple just to see.

I like the idea of extending the bricks. These were leftover bricks from the patio wall and I'm not sure if I can get an exact match but will find out. The impatiens are a good idea as well. I had forgotten all about them. I think this will be my weekend project!



A Hint of Home said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. I love all your flowers and enjoyed visiting your blog. Come visit again.

Dumuro said...
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Myrna said...

I wish I had the gardening knowledge to help! Please show pictures when you get it looking beautiful.

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry I can't be of any help as far as the landscaping goes, but if I were you I would plant what ever I want and put bloodmeal out to keep the deer away. It does work. I've been using it for years. If you want more info concerning how I use it you will find my e-mail addy on my blog.
I hope you get some good ideas for the landscaping.

Vanessa said...

Well, I don't have any ideas because I am so not a gardener...sorry. BUT, I do want to say that I LOVE your Peter Rabbit garden!

Just stopping in after a long time away from visiting and posting, both of which I am now catching up on!


Cookie Sunshine said...

I like seeing your shadow in the photo. It's like a littl cameo performance. I have no suggestions but look forward to viewing the finished work!