Thursday, April 10, 2008

This and That

I always get such a thrill out of seeing what plants made it through the winter, and seeing bulbs sprout up that I forgot I planted! Aren't these red fringed parrot tulips beautiful! I had totally forgotten that I planted them and when I saw the plant coming up, I wondered what color they were going to be.

I love these lilac colored tulips, I'm not sure how those red ones got mixed in, again probably something that I planted then forgot. I am always afraid of pulling any weeds in the flower garden until I let them grow and see if they really are a weed, or if they are a flower!

Let me introduce you to my redneck husband. He and my son bought this piece of junk racing boat last fall and have spent the winter trying to restore it. They have a long way to go! Any way, they wanted to try it out so they put it in the water Sunday. There are no seats in it, but they sat on the floor and drove it around. Getting it back on the trailer proved to be a problem, and DH ended up having to get in the lake to get it back on. The water is freezing, but he suffered no ills from getting so cold and the boat is being prepped to be painted in the next week or two.

Hope everyone has a great day!



Libby said...

All the signs of spring are certainly upon us *wheeeee*

MammyT said...

Guys are so funny! That whole scenario sounds familiar to me. I think I have several pictures very much like that one in my photo box somewhere. I love your tulips! The ruffly ones are so dramatic.

Kelli said...

I've never seen fringed tulips, they are so pretty!! It sounds like the men at your house are in for some adventures! LOL