Saturday, July 18, 2009

A peck of purple peppers!

Well, maybe not a peck and they aren't all purple but lots of them are. I bought the seeds for the Royal Beauty pepper and started them in Februrary in my laundry room on a shelf. They started out good then it seemed that they just wouldn't grow anymore so I said "Fine! I'm just gonna stick the lot of you out of the front porch and you can fend for your self! And they did! They started growing like crazy. So I ended up with a couple dozen purple pepper plants. I planted 1 dozen and gave away the rest. However, you do not need 1 dozen purple pepper plants! Oh My! they are so prolific! But I am going to cut them in strips and freeze them for stir frys this winter. Won't it be fun to see a purple pepper in my pepper beef stir fry!

I have also been doing some sewing and I just love this little dish towel!

I used the pattern in the newest Create and Decorate magazine. They give you directions for making your own dish cloth, but I found this one and decided to skip that step and go straight to the fun stuff! I found a scrap of vegetable fabric I had and sewed that to the edge. She is appliqued onto the towel and I used running stitches for the details. There is also a pattern for a broccoli and some other vegetable that I can't think of right now, so I am going to make them all.
Well, time to head out on the lake for a late day boat ride! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!




Libby said...

If you discover the secret for keeping the purple pepper purple when cooked . . . please share. I have a plant last year. If I put the peppers in salad they were fine, but anything that was cooked - they turned green. Color me disappointed *s*

Amy said...

Lovely peppers, and great job on that towel.. so cute!

hollyhappyhomemaker said...

Hey there prize winner. I have sent you 3 emails and hadnt heard back as to where I should send your prize. Maybe I got the email wrong or something. Well you try to get back to me so I can get this out before the forfeit deadline. Thanks Tiffany at Holly Happy Homemaker

Jess said...

Hope you are having a great peppers by the way!

Have a good rest of the week
Love, Jess

Leann said...

Are they more sweet like a red pepper or more like a green pepper?

Either way they certainly are darn pretty!

Please stop by and visit The Old Parsonage anytime.


Anonymous said...

Great work on the towel...
It looks nice...
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Lynn said...

We have a peck of peppers growing, too :) and I LOVE your idea about slicing them into strips and freezing for stir fries later. We kept thinking they'd grow to be the size you find at the grocery store, but they appear to stop growing at about 1/2 or 1/3 of that size. I'm not sure quite why, but, oh well!