Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Hello Everyone!

Hope y'all had a safe and fun Halloween!
Yngwie and friends had a Halloween party at our house Saturday and they had so much fun. Everyone came dressed up. Here is Yngwie, who is dressed as "Hugh Hefner" with three of his friends, a strawberry, a referee, and a lady bug.
Here is the winner of our costume contest.
Of course there was plenty of food:

So, this week we will be De-Halloweening the house and getting ready for Thanksgiving and getting down our Christmas decorations!

Hope everyone has a great week!




Queenie said...

Hey Linda!
Oh what fun Halloween pictures...looks like y'all had a great time! Don't mind if I help myself to those yummy cookies there do ya!? LOL! I hope you have a great's hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
Big Hugs,

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Linda! I've been off line but now I'm back! All the "kids" look so cute! ♥

Arlene Grimm said...

looks like a good time was had by all!! I have put away Halloween and have put up a few Thanksgiving Decorations. I need to go through my Christmas things and see what needs tossing or replacing. Arent the holidays fun??

Jess said...

Glad you had a good Halloween...looks like everyone did!

Have a great rest fo the week

Love, Jess

Mountain Mama said...

What a fun time. The costumes are great.
I had a few Trick-Or-Treater's and enjoyed seeing their costumes, especially my niece's two year old baby girl. Babies are so much fun!