Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tags, Tags, and more Tags!

While surfing through Blogland, I have seen some of the cutest tags from some incredibly talented ladies!  I seem to be on a tag kick myself!  Michaels had their Halloween craft supplies 50-60 percent off last week and I definitely took advantage of the sale! 
 When I saw a big cannister of Peanuts cut outs I was thrilled!  Who doesn't love Good Old Charlie Brown?
Then I decided to make some tags for Christmas.  These will be attached to gifts, except for the bottom one with the Teaberry Ad.  Do you remember Teaberry gum?  I love that stuff.  It's sometimes a little hard to find now.  But what I really want is the vaseline glass Teaberry Gum stand.

I have really wanted one of these for a long time, so this year I have put it on my Christmas list.  It will give DH and DS something to look for!  Nothing like being hard to buy for!
So this tag is hanging on the tree, just so they don't forget!  What a Brat I am! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


~~Carol~~ said...

Linda, I love your tags! I'm so upset because I think I missed seeing The Great Pumpkin on TV. Love your Christmas tags too, and yes I do remember Teaberry gum. I always grab a pack or two whenever I go to Cracker Barrel. That tag is just adorable, and I hope you get that vaseline glass stand!
Happy Halloween!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Cute tags! Yes, I've seen LOTS of Peanuts crafts at Michaels lately. They're hard to resist.

I only discovered tags a few months ago by reading other ladies' blogs. I didn't understand at first, why people made them. What would they use them for? But very quickly, I found myself wanting to see more. The ways women were creating them were so creative. Then, I couldn't resist and had to make some myself. They're fun! For no other reason, they're just plain old fun to make...and swap....and collect!!


Mountain Mama said...

I never thought of making tags, but my friend makes bookmarks from cute pictures.

Teaberry Gum and Beeman's taste the same to me. It's hard to find Beeman's nowdays but once in a while they bring it back with Clove and Black Jack flavors.