Tuesday, October 02, 2007

End of the Garden :(

It's that time of the year when I must put my vegetable garden to rest until spring.

We had a wonderful garden this year! The only thing that didn't grow was the pumpkins. I'm not sure what I'm going wrong, someone said it may be cucumber beetles. I have made alot of notes about what I want to do different next year. I want to plant fewer of the same things and add more variety. I don't like pickles so what can you do with 8 bushels of cucumbers! I am also going to plant more varieties of flowers. I have already bought a few seed packs online and I have a plant starting shelf that my husband built for me, so I'm already getting excited for next years gardens!
The above photo is one thing I will not plant again! Gourds!!!! They took over almost half of the garden space. I had no idea that these things run like they do.
These peppers are something that I will plant again. They are called chocolate peppers! Who doesn't like chocolate! Actually they are just a dark burgundy or brown in color and they taste just a little sweeter than your average green bell pepper. I love the color and the taste!

My poor little pear tree! Every year this scrawney little pear tree, who thinks it's larger than it really is, produces so many pears that I spend quite a bit of time pulling pears off so that the branches don't break. It is also a struggle to beat the wasps and bees to the pears. They seem to love them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Andrea said...

It is sad with fall in the air things will start to die. I have never seen the dark burgandy bell peppers. I have seen them green, red and yellow though. I love bell peppers. Nice pictures by the way.

Judy said...

I love the peppers (and I don't even like chocolate!). That is one kind of pepper I have never seen in our area...something I'll look for next year.

PEA said...

I had never heard of chocolate peppers until just a few weeks ago when someone mentioned them in a blog...now I get to see what they look like! Our veggie garden only has beets and carrots left in it...it looks so bare and sad now. Your pear tree is like our apple tree...so small and yet produces so much fruit, the branches almost break off! lol xox

Lori said...

Don't ya just love fresh garden produce. We do. We are almost done gardening too. But I still have some tomatoes and cucumbers coming. We have to dig the rest of our potatoes.

I had never heard of chocolate peppers either.

suchsimplepleasures said...

you have the most beautiful garden blog...ever!!!

Myrna said...

I've never seen a chocolate pepper. Interesting! I'm going to be looking for those.

Kelli said...

You had a wonderful harvest, Linda! The chocolate peppers are so pretty, what a fun thing to grow!