Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving Party!

Good Morning!

Last Saturday our family went to a pumpkin carving party hosted by the fun, witty and wonderful "H" family!

Mr "H" was teasing me that he was going to be on my blog, so Mr. "H" here you are!!!!
We had a wonderful time! There was lots of fun, friends and of course, FOOD! I made some cut out cream cheese sugar cookies that I will share the recipe for tomorrow.

Everyone did a great job on their pumpkins! Yngwie did Spongebob and Dear Husband and I did musical notes and guitars on ours! The Pukin' Punkin" was compliments of Yngwie's friend Garrett!
Tomorrow is Halloween! We will be heading up to my Grandmothers house in town to help her hand out treats to all the little "spooks" in her neighborhood. I really miss trick or treating! If it was acceptable for adults to go, I would!
Hope everyone has a blessed day.


PEA said...

I've just finished carving 6 pumpkins by myself...I wish I would have had all these people in your pictures come help me! lol I make a puking pumpkin every year, it's always a hit with the kids! hehe What great fun to attend a pumpkin carving party!! xox

smilnsigh said...

Wow! That was a real pumpkin' carving party!!!!

Sad to say, I've never carved a pumpkin myself. Haven't I lived a terribly sheltered life! lol!

"Boo Hugs" to you,

Barbara said...

Congratulations on winning the stocking at Anita's.
That puking pumkin is a novel idea but quite revolting too. Looks too real!

Barbara said...

I just see that you are in Roanoake. I have stayed there.

4me2say said...

So this new "online presence" is why I have been getting all the movie offers......

Thanks for coming guys, it was great fun, my wife did all the work!

Mr "H"